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Need A New Crush? Interior Design Trends to Fancy

Need A New Crush? Interior Design Trends 2016

Need a new crush? Ready for the promised pizzazz of the 21st Century to kick in? The time is nigh. New interior design trends are here to become your next great love.

It’s time to start flirting with the likes of metals, light and nature and welcoming home something a little bit different in your decor: digital vintage, rustic luxury and nerdy learning.

Discover your new love now with these intriguing home design trends.

1. Rock a mixed metal decor

Whether it was in jewellery or in interior design, we’ve always been told to keep silver with silver and gold with gold. It’s time to throw those traditions out with the bath water.

Embrace the bling by mixing silvers, golds and coppers in your artwork, furniture and accessories. The result is a million dollar look without the million dollar price tag. It’s a lavish style that is not only luxurious but is gender neutral as well.

I believe in the golden rule: the man with the gold… rules, Mr T.

Metallic Interior Design Trends

ROCK THE BLING: This Possibilities abstract print has it all – gold, silver and copper.

2. Let light in

Say goodbye to vitamin D deficiency and hello to natural light. Floor to ceiling windows are a wonderful way to create a relaxed sitting area for conversation or a good book. Eliminate fatigue and boost your immune system by bathing in sunlight with your oversized windows.

If you can swing it, give curtains the flick or simply invest in some sheer drops or blinds for a lifechanging interior design trend.

Light Interior Design Trends

RURAL RADIANCE: The blonde of this Path To The Old Windmill landscape print blends beautifully with the neutral decor.

3. Give your decor a detox

We give our bodies a detox, but rarely our home decor. This year is the year to remove clutter from our minds and our rooms and slim down your interior design. A minimalist decor will give your life a sense of control and order and increase the Zen vibes.

Minimalist Interior Design Trends

DECLUTTER: Combine an earthen, minimalist decor with this Zen Solace print to create a place of peace.

4. Discover digital vintage

It’s a space that sits between yesterday’s nostalgic art deco and today’s digital art scene. To achieve this look, combine old vintage with techno art. Move over hipsters! When it comes to digital vintage you ain’t seen nothing yet as this tech heavy design trend is set to steal the show in every room of your house.

Interior Design Trends Digital Vintage

WOW: Dazzle a vintage decor with a contemporary tech inspired Morph print – digital vintage is now.

5. Rustic luxury is right on trend

Once known as shabby chic, rustic luxury is experiencing an interior design trend revolution. The concept is less about transforming old timbers so they appear more classy (e.g. with a lick of paint) and more about old timbers being innately classy, leaving them raw and exposed.

It’s about paying tribute to the inherent beauty of rustic items rather than thinking of them as in need of repair.

Interior Design Trends Shabby Chic

ALL CLASS: Celebrate the beauty of old timbers with a decor that honours its natural age and form.

6. The dinner party is back!

The classic dinner party is back with a vengeance! Whether you’re catering for an intimate party of four or a big dining experience for 10, the home is revived as the place for fine dining, card games, slow dances and playing music until dawn.

To accomplish the perfect dinner party ambience your friends will respect rather than wreck, create a space that is beautiful, warm, practical and homely and easy to clean up the next day. Candles, soft lighting, delicate art prints and plush furnishing are all great facets of interior design that contribute to a memorable dinner party.

Dining Room Interior Design Trends

PARTY ON: Bring style back to dinner time with an impressionist print like Market In the Midst combined with a comfortable, homely formal dining space.

7. Stop treating nature like an outsider

If there’s one interior design trend you adopt this year, this one is it. Bring nature inside. The colours will lift your spirits and the smells will make you feel alive.

If you’re not a fan of watering then choose easy to maintain plants and include some nature photography. Mother Nature is everywhere and she belongs inside with you and your family.

Interior Design Trends nature photography

SPIRITED AWAY: The photographic landscape print Emerald Forest Path and the funky, easy to maintain plants bring this reading room alive.

8. Get in there and nerd it up

In case you haven’t heard yet, nerds are now cool. Smart is sexy. Learning is fun. Fear not, you don’t have to nerd up your entire interior decor, just some important touches that bring intelligence and technology to life.

If you’re keen to stick to chic decor but you have a resident nerd, the key is to limit this new trend to the office. And as our favourite television nerd, Sheldon Cooper, would say… ‘BAZINGA!’

Interior Design Trends for your office

GET YOUR GEEK ON: This Retro Rocket art print styles well with steam punk and vintage.

9. Forget the Nutella Doughnut Milkshake

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s time to move on from the salted caramel macaron shake, the double chocolate Ferrero Rocher shake and the fairy floss Tim Tam slam. Extreme and gourmet milkshakes have been a huge trend in groovy hipster cafes across Australia and despite them being a delicious treat, our ever pervading desire for health and fitness means that we’re done with these Instagrammable delights.

Hopefully you’re not too disappointed. I mean, you knew these heart attack inducing delights wouldn’t be around forever didn’t you?

You know what will be around forever? Fresh fruit and vegetables! And if you’re keen to be inspired to consume more of nature’s treats, it’s time to transform your home into a bastion of health— through art, of course. The best thing about this foodie art is that it’s bright, colourful and inspires healthy eating.

Interior Design Trends for the kitchen

HEALTH FREAK: It’s time to inspire cleaner living at home with a permanent bowl of fruit in the kitchen and this fruit and vegetable Slices art series from the Wall Art Prints Kitchen Collection.

10. Champion multiculturalism

Tolerance is so 1999. This century is all about embracing people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a globetrotter who collects art from around the world or someone who delights in local diversity, it’s time to start celebrating it in your own home.

The good news is that art styles from the likes of Africa, Japan, China, Morocco and Turkey are extraordinarily beautiful and very moving. These styles of art are often steeped in history and tradition, tell incredible stories and share an insight into other important cultures.

Interior Design Trends Multicultural art

BE MOVED: Combine trinkets from around the world with ethnic art like this Tribal Dance African print pair.

11. Eyeball 2016’s Pantone Colour Of The Year

Throwback to the 2016 Pantone Colour Of The Year. It’s never too late to celebrate beautiful colours that can be seamlessly incorporated into home decor. For the first time ever Pantone named two colours as its colour of 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. A colour breakthrough!

The colour blend is perfect and the interior design options are endless.

Interior Design Trends Rose Quartz And Serenity colours

DREAMY: This Lilac Dreams abstract print featuring Pantone Colour Of The Year transforms this rose quartz bedroom decor into something whimsical.

12. Time for sleeping

Remove the TV. Dismantle the fluoro lighting. Clean up the clutter. And, unless it’s to use a meditation app, leave the mobile phone plugged into the office. The bedroom of the modern day is all about sleeping.

You might like to read Sleep Easy: master bedroom design ideas.

Refresh your bedroom decor to create a space that is serene, tranquil and beautiful. Think neutrals, pastels, soft apples and milky citrus.

Interior Design Trends for the Bedroom

PASTEL PERFECTION: Neutral furnishings combined with soft decorations will bring peace while this Sleeping Nude In Blue art print will inspire sleep.

Get crushing and start romancing these delightful interior design trends. Let us know in the comments which trend you tried.

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