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Monochrome photography: black is back

monochrome photography black is back

Black is a unique colour (some argue that it’s not even a colour) in that it is surprisingly multifaceted. It conveys so many things – moodiness and mystery, elegance, sophistication, class and even death. It’s deceptive in that it appears limiting but the reality is that it can do so many things. The versatility is something that no other colour can offer.

The most dramatic of all colours, it offers something that no other colour can: a finality or poise. As the German physicist, Hermann Von Helmhoz, declared

‘Black is real sensation, even if it is produced by entire absence of light. The sensation of black is distinctly different from the lack of all sensations.’

Monochrome photography was an art form that was used exclusively until colour was introduced in the nineteen thirties. Even until the nineties, most people favoured black and white due to the costs of colour printing and producing.

But let’s not forget about the effectiveness and contrast of black without acknowledging its true counterpart: white. Furthermore, most images are not purely black and white. They are a continuum of both colours, creating varying levels of tones and shades and shapes that we love to view for hours.

Here are some of the reasons why black is making a total comeback and why you should introduce it into your home decor, whether you have to trade it through the black market or blackmail someone with your black belt skills!

Simply beautiful

monochrome photography artwork

The standout thing about black and white photography is that the simplicity is significantly enhanced and the objects are poised in such a way that it can be breathtakingly beautiful.

Offers serenity

monochrome photography print

Colour has been scientifically proven to affect the mind and body. For example, red makes the heart beat faster. And whilst we love colour, monochrome art offers a much needed reprieve from our over stimulating and exhausting world.

That kind of serenity you cannot buy. Well, you can if you buy an art print.

Gender neutral

monochrome photography golf

Black offers a gender neutral quality and it is loved by anyone in the home or workplace.

Black is the kind of colour that anyone can love. Or, at least, not be affected by too greatly. So it is ideal for a newlyweds’ place or family home where there are conflicting ideas on what great design and art should be. Ironically, black keeps everyone happy.

Black in the office

monochrome photography as corporate art

In the office, black adds sophistication and suggests at success and wealth. Black has the ultimate edge! It won’t shock or distract you or your staff when you’re about to close on that important deal or business interaction. It will help you feel opulent and put you in good esteem for those whose business you are trying to win.

Show off monochrome photography in the boardroom or waiting area to impress clients.

Monochrome photography adds mystery

monochrome photography wall art

Monochrome photography is the surest way to add a touch of mystery to any space. It’s a common fallacy that creatives love bright colours and funky patterns adorning every surface! The reality is many of them thrive on moody, monochromatic pictures.

Turn your home into a film set

monochrome photography for lounge room

Is there anything more glamourous than a touch of noir? Every home needs a dedicated film watching space or entertainment room and this print is the exact thing to lift it to that level.

What better to watch in this space than these top ten film noirs in all their black and white glory.

Bring balance to all white

monochrome photography for lounge room

Instinctually you have probably painted and decorated most of your house or apartment in designer white or any of these popular white paint colours. And who would blame you? It’s a versatile colour that makes for a great stark canvas to bring in any kind of furnishings and home décor.

The quickest way to balance out the starkness is to incorporate the depth of a gorgeous monochrome photographic print.

New decor trends

monochrome photography

As the newest decor trends hit Australia from Europe and the US, you’ll start to see more black furniture, fixtures and fittings (particularly dark matte tapware). Match rugs, carpet, chairs and darker flooring to a striking monochrome art print to create a room that makes a statement.

Abundance of prints

monochrome photography prints

We’ve already looked at how you can cunningly rearrange a multitude of prints into your very own photo gallery wall and what a striking effect it can have. Consider the impact if all your artwork is comprised of black and white imagery.

Black and white photography can easily be layered and multi levelled and it doesn’t clash like colourful prints sometimes can.

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