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23 Nature Pictures To Take Your Breath Away

23 Nature Pictures To Take Your Breath Away

Feeling a bit cooped up or disconnected from the world outside? Are you longing for a sunset, snow-capped mountain or glimpse of one of nature’s creatures?

Beauty is never far away with stunning nature pictures, carefully curated to take your breath away and restore a connection to the great outdoors. Every adventure requires a first step, so start your scrolling now.

1. Blooming blue

Revel in floral beauty and let your cares slip away with all the calm that blue brings. Flower photography is one of the best ways to have the joy and beauty of flowers without having to throw away the bouquet!

Nature Pictures Aster

ABSTRACTION: This glorious Blue Aster celebrates blue in all its glory.

2. Out of this world

The Aurora Borealis, with its brilliant displays of light, is on everyone’s bucket list. Forget the science for a moment and appreciate the magical, entrancing, magical shimmer.

Nature Pictures - Aurora Borealis

ETHEREAL: Gaze into Aurora Borealis Over The Sea for an out of this world experience.

3. Yellow forest

Nature’s seasonal gifts speak to our senses. Autumn is a gorgeous feast for the eyes with its colour palette of scarlet reds, burnt oranges and vibrant yellows. Immerse yourself in the splendid spectacle of a forest in full change.

Nature Pictures Autumn Forest

SEASONAL SPLENDOUR: Take a walk Deep In The Autumn Forest and discover a world of yellow.

4. Rocky dusk

Leave your troubles behind and embrace the stillness of this divine rock pool sunset. This nature picture is a triumph of subtlety with stones, browns and oranges on show.

Sunset and Nature Pictures

SUBTLE SENSATION: Embrace the stillness of a Bay Of Fires Sunset.

5. Butterfly beauty

It’s the little things in life — things we’re not often blessed enough to witness with the naked eye — that macro photography can deliver. In this case, on a leaf. The sheer beauty of this butterfly, with its stunning red and white wings, is one of mother nature’s treasures.

Nature Pictures Butterfly

TREASURE: Malachite Butterfly proves good things can most definitely come in small packages.

6. I heart nature pictures

Lots of love goes out to this perfect little creature feeding on the teeny tiny flowers. Little does he know how revered he is, tugging at our heart strings. This intriguing photo reminds us that pictures of nature can be moving as well as beautiful.

Nature Pictures Caterpillar

PICTURE PERFECT: Caterpillar Of Love is a fascinating example of one little life.

7. Snow-capped mountains

The green of the trees, the snow on the mountains and the stillness of the lake make this a nature picture of pristine perfection. Enjoy an escape into the wilderness from the comfort of your sofa!

Nature Pictures of Mountains

PRISTINE: Escape into trees of green and snow-capped mountains with Chamonix Reflections.

8. River of peace

Row your imaginary boat down this scenic river as you relish in the blue, green and orange contrasts. Only in nature does the pairing of these colours make complete and utter sense.

Nature Pictures Sunrise

TRANQUIL: Drift into a fantastical sunset with Last Rays Over The Clutha River.

9. Waterfall magic

This (very real) waterfall set in a fiesta of red flora could well be a place of fantasy. The only thing you’ll be left wondering is where the resident fairy is hiding.

Nature Pictures Waterfalls

FAIRYTALE FALLS: Take a dip into the blissful Huay Mae Khamin Falls.

10. Easy being brown

The hippity, hoppity brown froggy friend holds on tight to his teeny green life support, making it look way too easy to be brown, small and cute. Animal photography is a wonderful subject for interesting artwork, instantly adding personality and colour to your walls.

Nature Pictures Frog

SQUEE: Hanging On is the cutest way to be.

11. Sweet treat

The birds and the bees and the flowers and trees make for amazing nature pictures. Flora and fauna colours our world, with few things as bright as a hummingbird hovering by a blooming flower in summer.

Nature Pictures Hummingbird

RAINBOW CONNECTION: Hummingbird Hover is a happy place full of awe and iridescence.

12. Outback adventure

Indulge in the unique colours and canyons of the Aussie outback. Of beauty rich and rare indeed!

Nature Pictures Kings Canyon

THE SERENITY: Northern Territory’s Kings Canyon Wilderness is a national treasure.

13. Blue lagoon

Gazing into this landscape, with its vibrant colours and sharp composition, it feels as though you are actually there. Cool. Calm. Collected. A holiday in a picture!

Nature Pictures Lake Moraine

COOL AND CALM: Channel the calming energy of the big, blue expanse of water in Vivid Hues Of Lake Moraine.

14. Flowers forever

With fields of flowers as far as the eye can see, you can practically smell the lavender as you enjoy the last light of the day bringing brilliance to the sea of purple. This stunning print is full of everything that makes landscape photography such a joyous subject.

Nature Pictures Lavender

LUXURIOUS: Lavender Clouds in all its purple glory, may mean royalty and power but, really, it’s just very, very, pretty.

15. Totally wild

There’s both strength and vulnerability in those eyes, something wild animals have in spades. This leopard will change his spots the moment he spots prey or a predator. And if you’re a leopard lover, check out these cool leopard facts.

Nature Pictures Leopard

INTENSE: This Leopard Approach picture commands respect.

16. Tropical treasure

There’s something surreal about this piece of tropical paradise. The exquisite combination of light, vibrant sky and soft hues vibrating off the water make this nature picture almost a work of abstract art.

Nature Pictures Maldives

SURREAL: Beautiful Ocean Sunset perfectly captures the reflections of electric blue and neon orange.

17. Tree tunnel walk

This photograph has to be the epitome of tree tunnels with its glorious grandiosity. The tunnel is so grand yet bizarrely unimposing given the height and curve of those branches. A sight to behold and nature photography at its very best.

Nature Pictures tree tunnel

BREATHTAKING: Take a stroll through the extraordinary Oak Lined Road In Savannah.

18. Let the light in

So amazing are the curves and the colours in this canyon that you’ll be inspired to weave a new story of adventure upon every gaze. The more you look, the more you’ll find it difficult to believe that scenes like this exist naturally in our world.

Nature Pictures of nature photography

BOLD: Bravery and strength emanate from the intricate crevices of Phantom Of Antelope Canyon.

19. Stairway to green

An incredible photographic insight into how humans and nature work in concert together, with each utopian step. A perfect example of how nature pictures can turn from happy snap to fine art when the light shines in just the right way.

Nature Pictures Rice Terrace

HARMONY: Fields of terraced green abound in Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace.

20. Sunset Dream

There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you, Marvin Gaye.

In this stellar nature photo, the sun goes down on another day, creating a vibrant sunset in a vista that’s literally on top of the world. One of the most eye-popping nature pictures you’ll ever witness.

Nature Pictures Sunset

PRIME PEAK: Lose yourself in the beauty of Smoky Mountains Sunset.

21. Light up the sky

The sky becomes a spectacle of colour in this sunset performance of purples, oranges and reds. A phenomenal contrast to the amity of the environment below, this photo is a flurry of colour that makes for a great art print.

Nature Pictures Sunset

FIERY: Sunset Over Snake River is a magnificent homage to Mother Nature.

22. Tulip charm

Tiptoe through this glorious garden of tulips; less a farm and more a fabulous floral carpet that honours one of the most revered flowers in the world. That sunset. That windmill. Charm gone into overload to create a breathtakingly beautiful vision.

Nature Pictures Tulips

CHARMING: Red Tulip Windmill is nature’s way of rolling out the red carpet.

23. Wisteria wonder

Be captivated by this seventh heaven of purple, a waterfall of floral loveliness that is utterly enchanting. Let your imagination take you to your place of fantasy, a world where the sun always shines through.

Nature Pictures Wisteria

MAGICAL: Wisteria Sunshine is full of mystery, beauty and eternal sunshine, 

If you’d like to explore more of the natural wonder of our world, take a peek at our full collection of beautiful landscape photography.

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