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Interior design ideas worth planting

interior design ideas worth planting

One of the most refreshing interior design ideas is the use of indoor plants. Particularly when you combine them with just the right art to show off their natural beauty and enhance the crispness of any space.

There are an array of benefits of having indoor plants in your home, such as better breathing and sleeping and they can reduce carbon dioxide, ozone and other harmful toxins from the air around you. On top of these benefits indoor plants also look really great in every single room. All in all, you can’t go wrong with incorporating plants into your home design.

Take a look through our ideas on how to pair art with plants and you never know, some might just grow on you!

1. Contrast shapes

interior design ideas for lounge room

Soften the sharpness of spiky plants with Collision of Curves

Spiky plants can often cause hard and sharp lines when it comes to interior design, which proves difficult to look at frequently. However, combined with soft, rounded or curved furnishings plus art that comprises of flowing arcs and rounded shapes, this contrast helps to balance out the aspects of both.

2. Complement shapes

interior design ideas with plants

Bring home the tropics as a hot interior design idea

We’ve looked at contrasting shapes but did you know that combining plants and art can also work when you complement shapes? By pairing a striking agave, mother in law’s tongue or cactus with an art print that emphasises the vertical structure, you can create a whole new look with a playful twist.

3. Complement colours

interior design ideas colours

Who says that plants have to be green?

So, you have quite a distinctive colour palette as part of your interior design. Why not incorporate plants and art to really highlight the unique colours?

If your floral display features rich purples like the example above, consider adding a complementary print in shades of plum and violet. Colour combo heaven!

4. Neutral background

neutral interior design ideas

You can almost smell the “fresh” in this artwork

If you like your plants as artwork, rather than the real life plotted variety (easier to keep alive, that’s for sure) then a surefire way to make your art pop is positioning it against a neutral decor. Furniture made of natural materials (such as wood and cotton) and a neutral, subtle palette of cream, white, beige and soft muted browns will make any greenery stand out.

5. Set the theme

Japanese interior design ideas

Enhance the Japanese theme with The Cat On The Kimono

Careful pairing of plants and art can enhance your interior design theme and pull the whole look together. In this example, choosing a Japanese art print to complement the beautiful bonsai, reinforces the tranquil Japanese inspired design in the space.

6. Plants on plants

interior design ideas with plants

This succulent art print almost looks delicious!

One of the least obvious ways to boost your indoor plants is by adding even more plants… in the form of wall art! This macro shot of a juicy green succulent creates a feature point and brings the theme together.

7. Hipster cool

hipster interior design ideas

Be a trendsetter with funky art and hipster plants

One of the trendiest interior design ideas is adding boho chic to your decor. A seamless way of doing so is by combining funky, low maintenance plants— such as succulents, cacti and other small houseplants— with fabulous bohemian feather art.

8. Bedroom love

interior design ideas with flowers

Leave the fragrance of romance lingering in the atmosphere with Vintage Magnolia

If you’re in love with all things romantic and want to infuse your bedroom with a whimsical and tender feel, you can’t go past beautiful spring art. Choose a soft pretty print and bring in plants that inspire romanticism such as roses, violets, heart ferns, moth orchids or a dreamy magnolia.

9. Branches and birds

interior design ideas with bird art

It’s like a jungle in here! Add a tropical vibe to your home with this bold print

Combining branches and birds is a timeless interior design idea, with the natural fit oozing effortless style. The organic elements of the branches add a slightly rustic feel, whilst pairing them with bird art adds colour and joy.

10. Have fun

fun interior design ideas

Adding colour is always fun

We encourage you— wherever possible— to just have fun when it comes to pairing art with plants. Whether you’re gathering interior design ideas or at the implementation stage, give yourself permission to throw away the rule book (even this one!) and try something new.

One of the best ways to have fun with your decor is by incorporating bold and bright colours. For example, this vibrant palm watercolour becomes a real statement piece when paired with block colour furniture and muted, structural plants. Go on— have some fun!

11. Go all out

interior design ideas with indoor plants

Go all out and make a statement

Why have just one indoor plant when you can have many? There is nothing more pleasing than really exaggerating a trend. Incorporating an abundance of plants is an interior design idea that can benefit your health as well as your eyesight. For the final flourish, go for broke with some leafy photographic art.

Not ready for the commitment of an indoor plant? Choose beautiful nature photography art prints for a fresh look without the responsibility.

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