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Photo Art Named Desire: 14 Heart Stopping Ideas

Photo Art Named Desire: 14 Heart Stopping Ideas

Relationship experts are always saying we need to express our needs and desires a bit more, but it can be tricky can’t it? Well, here’s your opportunity to practice on something a little less fragile than a relationship with a loved one.

Step 1: Fall in love with photo art.

Step 2: Name your desire.

Step 3: Express your need for it to be hung in a particular room.

Step 4: Stand back and commend yourself on a job well done.

To help get you started, we’ve put together 14 heart stopping ideas that will make Step 1 very easy to achieve. We’d love to hear how you go with Step 2!

1. Atmospheric

Everyone loves monochrome art, but it’s also often a style that speaks to a masculine decor, great for a bachelor pad or anyone who loves refined, minimalist, atmospheric interior design.

Photo Art - Atmospheric

TURBULENT: This menacing black and white photo print ‘The Old Jetty And The Storm’ from our Man Cave collection adds mood to an otherwise minimalist decor.

2. Calming

Relax into life by creating a space and choosing a photo print that inspires meditation, calm and strength of spirit.

Photo Art - Calming

BE STILL: Invite peace into your home with this exquisite ‘Serenity’ photo from our Zen collection.

3. Dramatic

Shun unnecessary drama outside and create your own loving storm inside with a photo print that brings a thoughtful decor alive.

Photo Art - Dramatic

WHAT A THRILL: Design a theatrical decor with this ‘Thunderstorm Over The Ocean’ photographic landscape.

4. Just Wow

A splash of a single colour on monochrome is a photographic style that pleases the eye each and every time. A splash of full colour takes it to a whole new level of fun. If you are in need of fun, rainbows will wow.

Photo Art - Just Wow

CHEERFUL: This spectacular ‘Rainbow Umbrella’ print from our Contemporary Photography collection will add a playful touch to a black and white decor.

5. Multifunctional

If you’re in the job of stopping hearts in their tracks in an industrial workplace, consider investing in a super sized transportation print. Workers and visitors will struggle to pry their eyes away.

Photo Art - Multifunctional

DIG BIG: This larger than life ‘Excavator At Dusk’ print will turn an ordinary workplace into a feast for the eyes.

6. Mysterious

If you’re a lover of the fantastical then you will adore this ‘Autumn Fairytale Forest’ print, below, one of the most popular prints in our collection. And you can see why – so many questions are left unanswered.

Photo Art - Mysterious

ENIGMA: Bring a sense of wonder and warmth into your home with a piece of Autumn romance.

7. Seriously Cool

So much colour. So much awesome. Add a sense of adventure to an office or study space with a photo print that reminds us to step outside and enjoy the wonders of the world. Stay cool.

Photo Art - Seriously Cool

BRIGHT SPARK: Inspire action with this seriously cool retro style ‘Shiny Scooters’ photo print.

8. Surprising

Love to step outside the square? Then it’s time to discover architectural photography. The lines and curves are everything you dreamed of and more.

Photo Art - Surprising

EXHILARATING: This ‘Stairway To Embarcadero’ architectural print is perfect for those who embrace difference.

9. Understated

Shhh. I’m sleeping. Express your desire to be left alone and wrap yourself up in a light, white dream. Understated photo prints make a wonderful decorative option for a bedroom or relaxation space.

Photo Art - Understated

ELEGANCE: Caress your soul with this classic ‘Perfect Chrysanthemum’ art print.

10. Paradise

Say goodbye to the bad blues and hello to the good blues with a beach photo. Start with the bedroom and let happiness take over the whole house. You deserve nothing less.

Photo Art - Paradise

BRIGHT DELIGHT: The magnificent aquamarine colour in this ‘Tropical Sandbar’ photo print will lift your spirits, day in day out.

11. Wanderlust

“Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.”

If you have the travel bug bad then photo art will remind you of your need to explore and your desire to wander. Where’s your next trip?

Photo Art - Wanderlust

BON VOYAGE: Choose something from your bucket list and find a photo to inspire like this ‘Sunset In Manarona, Italy’.

12. Spiritual Reflection

It’s OK to look back as long as you’re on the road to somewhere new. Reflection can be a humbling process, so if you feel the need to better understand what makes you tick, create a space that lets you do just that.

Photo Art - Spiritual Reflection

CONTEMPLATIVE: This ‘Meditation’ photo artwork from our Asian Travel collection will give you an intimate date with yourself.

13. Sunburnt Land

If you love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains then you will quite possibly fall in love with this artistic interpretation of Australia’s outback. Need it? Let someone know the fire in your heart.

Photo Art - Sunburnt Land

REMOTE: Provoke power in your living space by adding this dynamic wall art photo ‘The Magnificent Outback’.

14. Aquarium

Love the underwater world, but struggle to keep a gold fish alive? Then hang an aquarium on your wall instead. This photo art idea gives you the added bonus of displaying all sorts of exotic colourful reef life courtesy of the deep blue sea – oh and ocean photographers of course.

Photo Art - Aquarium

COLOURFUL: Nothing brightens a room like underwater landscape photography and this ‘Coral Life’ photo is the definition of desirable.

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