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Revealed: 20 eternally popular prints

popular prints

At Wall Art Prints, we like to think we know what’s what when it comes to art that stands the test of time. So, we’ve taken the liberty of curating twenty eternally popular prints to provide you with inspiration. We understand it can be a little overwhelming when trying to choose the perfect piece for your space. We hope these ideas will help you to find the perfect art styles for your home and heart.

Popular prints by style

1. Contemporary

popular prints contemporary


Not just for the young, contemporary art can enhance the most adult of spaces with an elegant and unique touch. If you favour a peaceful home and relaxed style, ‘Elegance’ might be the perfect fit.

2. Abstract

popular prints in blue

Ink Blot Abstract In Blue

It’s no surprise that our collection of abstract art is one of our bestsellers. Appealing to young and old alike, abstract art can be bold and dramatic or soothing and mesmorising, like ‘Ink Blot Abstract In Blue’.

3. Watercolour

Popular prints watercolours

Three Pineapples More

Change the way you think about watercolours and make a splash! Far from muted, ‘Three Pineapples More’ will colour your world with cheerful panache.

4. Pop art

popular prints pop art

It Might Be Love

Give any room a pop of retro style with this vibrant pop art print. ‘It Might Be Love’ embraces 50’s style romance – ideal for a contemporary, retro or minimalist décor.

5. Impressionist

Popular prints impressionist

Three Fishing Boats

Impressionist art is a classic style that never dates, with good reason. Bring home the catch of the day with ‘Three Fishing Boats’; an exuberant celebration of light and brushwork that looks amazing in both contemporary and traditional homes.

6. Modern

popular prints modern

Romance In The Rain

Be inspired by classic modern art where romance transcends time. Huddle under an umbrella as you splash through street light reflections with ‘Romance In The Rain’.

7. Surrealism 

Popular prints surrealism

Together On The Beach

Unlock the power of your imagination with art that both challenges and surprises. The epic surrealist print ‘Together On The Beach’ tells a moving story that evokes strong emotion.

Popular prints by subject

8. Birds 

Popular prints of birds

Rainbow Honey-Eater

Spread your wings and fly with stunning bird art. The bright colours and mid-flight excitement make ‘Rainbow Honey-Eater’ one of our most popular and well loved prints.

9. Animals

popular prints of animals

Rainbow Fishes

This riot of colour is ideal for the creative soul who seeks inspiration and wants to hurl themselves at life. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the big fish is cleverly composed of lots and lots of smaller fish. The more you look the more you’ll see!

10. Floral

popular prints of flowers

Poppies Stripped Bare

Floral art transcends age, style and taste, with literally something for everyone. ‘Poppies Stripped Bare’ is the perfect example, melding simplicity of subject with a sharp blush of colour for a stunning and popular print.

11. Landscapes

popular prints of landscapes

Poppy Field

Create a window on your wall with a landscape painting to fuel your daydreams. Enjoy the sun on your face as you stroll through a ‘Poppy Field’ in the idyllic French countryside. You’ll never want to leave!

12. Black and white

popular prints in black and white

Make A Wish

monochrome decor can be one of the most effective ways of updating your home style. The art lies in balancing bold colours with understatement and this print is no exception. Beautiful in its simplicity – you’ll be wishing it was yours to own!

Popular prints by season

13. Summer

Popular prints for summer

Sand Beneath Your Toes

This colourful print is great for beach lovers or to reminisce about summer during those icy months. Evoking a strong sense of freedom, enjoy the feeling of sand and surf between your toes every single day!

14. Autumn

Popular prints for autumn

Falling Leaves

Is there anything more wistful than the season of autumn, with its array of colours, smells and atmosphere? Bring it home with this gorgeous print and evoke the memories year round.

15. Winter

Popular prints for winter

Sunset In Winter Woods

A gentle reminder that winter doesn’t have to be gloomy and dark. Embrace soft light and long shadows with the evocative ‘Sunset In Winter Woods’.

16. Spring

Popular prints of spring

Paris In The Spring

A perennial favourite for the softness and whimsical vibe that it evokes. The colours are delicate enough to work with almost any décor and the neutrals make it a gentle eye pleaser.

Popular prints by room

17. Bedroom

popular prints for the bedroom

The Art Of Loving

Turn your bedroom into a romantic retreat with this delicate and intimate piece. Prefer a little more spice? Turn up the heat with our hot bedroom decorating ideas.

18. Dining room

popular prints for dining rooms

Impromptu Celebration

For lovers of dinner parties and celebrations! With it’s colourful palette and quirky nature this fun print will amp up the mood in any dining area.

19. Kitchen

Popular prints for kitchens

Black Pears

With a stylish retro nod, this understated print takes an ordinary item and makes it extraordinary. Perfect for contemporary and sleek kitchens or to add an extra touch of pizzaz to a neutral design.

20. Home office

Popular prints for offices

Autumn City Rain

Who doesn’t need inspiration when working from their home office?! This vivacious and cosmopolitan print of a colourful cityscape will have the ideas flowing in no time.

Still looking for the perfect artwork? With over 30,000 art prints in a wide range of styles, we have something to suit every décor , interest and personality!

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