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Count Your Blessings With Tanjore Paintings

Count Your Blessings With Tanjore Paintings

Rich in colour and dense in composition, Tanjore paintings are a popular South Indian painting dating back to the 16th century.

Tanjore is the English word for ‘Thanjavur’ which is actually the name of a town in South India. The paintings are works of spiritual art that feature Hindu gods, goddesses and saints.

This sacred painting style began during a period of rule by Nayakas who encouraged art – music, dance and painting.

Devotional icons are always positioned at the centre of the painting and the artworks are full of colour and life making them a divine addition to a home.

Let’s take an unearthly wander through the world of spiritual India. Ready to count your blessings?


Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. If you’re looking to create a serene space, she’s your answer. She dispels chaos and confusion. The presence of her wisdom will also enlighten a home office.

Tanjore Paintings - Saraswati

SERENITY: Dispel chaos and confusion with this aqua, pink and gold ‘Saraswati Maa’ print.


Narasingh or ‘Narasimha’ is an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu – half man, half lion. Want to give your home protection? Vishnu is considered a great protector and took on this avatar to destroy the demon king Hiranyakashipu, defending his followers in their time of need.

Tanjore Paintings - Narshingh

PROTECTION: Use a dramatic ‘Narsingh Avatar’ print to create a safe space.

Maa Durga

Goddess Durga is a gorgeous warrior who rides on tigers and lions, symbolising freedom from fear. Her role is to lift you from your worries by fighting off evils that threaten peace, prosperity and goodness. Girl power anyone?

Tanjore Paintings - Maa Durga

ALL GOOD: ‘Maa Durga The Warrior’ will bring freedom from fear, a wonderful addition to a home office.


Vishnu is part of the Hindu Trinity which includes two other major gods, Brahma and Shiva. Vishnu is the lord of the universe – the provider of all things. He’s the major god of Vaishnaism, the largest Hindu religious sect. If you want to maintain cosmic harmony in a room, Vishnu is your answer.

Tanjore Paintings - Lotus Vishnu

HARMONY: Bring balance to a home with this ‘Blessings From Lord Vishnu’ print, a colourful complement to this contemporary decor.


Tanjore Paintings - Vishnu

UNIVERSAL SAVIOUR: ‘Bhagwan Vishnu Saving Elephant’ is a modern artistic interpretation of the legend, The Liberation of Gajendra.


Bring on the glorious Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, health and prosperity! Goddess Lakshmi is a household goddess, a favourite among women, and brings good luck. She sits on a fully bloomed lotus holding four lotus buds in her four hands representing righteousness, desires, wealth and liberation. What a wonderful way to add bright colours and blessings to a room!

Tanjore Paintings - Lakshmi

GOOD LUCK: Welcome ‘Golden Goddess Lakshmi’ into your home for wealth, health and prosperity.


Tanjore Paintings - Lakshi

LOTUS BEAUTY: Add bright blessings to a room with this gorgeous ‘Indian Goddess Maa Lakshi’ print.


The eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu, Krishna is the god of compassion, tenderness and love. Including Krishna in your home is a wonderful way to remember what’s important on a daily basis. The 1960s saw Krishna introduced to the Western world through the Hare Krishna movement.

Tanjore Paintings - Krishna

LOVE: Feature this exciting, colourful print ‘The Compassion Of Krishna’ in a room to remember what’s important.


Instantly recognisable as the god with the elephant head, Ganesh is the god of wisdom, learning and the remover of obstacles. As the Lord Of Good Fortune, he is one of the most loved deities in Hinduism. Keen for some success in life? Be inspired by these fun, colourful, creative Ganesh paintings. These classic and contemporary Tanjore prints will invite success, prosperity and protection against adversity – a must for every home.

Tanjore Paintings - Ganesh

INSPIRE SUCCESS: ‘The Joy Of God Ganesh’ will not only add colour and charm to a room, but inspire wisdom and learning as well.

Tanjore Paintings - Lord Ganesha

EDGY: This contemporary ‘Lord Ganesha’ print is a bold, masculine take on this popular deity.

Tanjore Paintings - Chakra

WOW: Remove obstacles that will hinder success with this funky Tanjore print, ‘The Wisdom Of Ganesha’.

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