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Go With The Flow: 16 Water Art Ideas

Go With The Flow: 16 Water Art Ideas

Water art is not just a hugely popular addition to the home but it offers deep symbolic value as well. Water is a great cleanser. It helps us heal and purify both literally and figuratively. Water is also an element that makes us feel at one with the environment, in the same way plants help us feel at one with nature.

That’s why water art is a wonderful way to create a sense of harmony. In fact, in Feng Shui, water can be used to restore balance in certain areas of the home.

More than seventy one per cent of the Earth’s surface is water covered. No wonder it’s one of our favourite things as humans. Make a splash with art and photography prints borne from the deep blue, the beach and the surf or go with the flow using water reflections and serene scenes. It’s even been shown that water can genuinely give our minds a rest.

Let’s dive right in.

Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress, Margaret Atwood.

Into the blue of water art

Take the plunge with art prints that are all about the blue. Blue is a colour that’s associated with freedom, imagination and inspiration and perfects your beach house art. Studies have even shown that the colour blue makes us much more calmer. Who doesn’t need that in their life, home or beach home?

This article from the New York Times even purports that most people’s favourite colour is blue!

1. Waterfall

Turquoise Water Art Ideas

FREEDOM: Create a carefree space with this Down To The Falls photo print.

2. Deep blue

Water Art Ideas fish art

IMAGINE: Blue Shoal will add excitement to an otherwise neutral space.

3. Cliffhanger

Water Art Ideas Beach Cliffs

INSPIRE: Take the plunge into interior design with Ocean Cliffs, a wonderful way to enliven a room.

Life’s a beach with water art

Enjoy the summer holidays all year round with beach photos that will remind you of good times and great places. As a bonus, the beauty of the beach is it even looks good in the rain— as art at least!

4. Colours of summer

Water art and beach art

FUN: Add some spunk to a reading room or hallway with the bright, colourful Summer At The Beach print.

5. Clear water revival

Beach Water Art Ideas

TRANQUIL: As a photo print, Pink Sand Water Ripples is almost abstract in its simplicity, the perfect piece of peace.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water, Bruce Lee.

6. Rainy day

Raindrops Water Art Ideas

RAINY DAZE: The quirky Raindrops On The Beach is a gorgeous piece for a girl’s room or woman’s retreat.

7. Tropical island

Beach island water art print

DELIGHT: Bring home the island vibe with this stunning Pristine Waters print.

Water art reflections

Water is nature’s mirror and there are few things more magical than a sunset or sunrise on the calmest of watercourses, with all the beautiful reflections the natural light can muster.

Water is the soul of the Earth, W.H. Auden.

8. Sunset lake

Water Art Ideas at Sunset

MAGICAL: Mirror Lake Sunset will add ambience in an instant to a lounge setting.

9. Sunrise palms

Miami Sunrise Water Art Ideas

CALM: This Miami Sunrise photo print is the epitome of serenity – still and soothing.

10. Lighthouse blues

Water and Lighthouse Art Ideas

BEAUTIFUL BLUE: Lighthouse and Boats is everything you want in a water art print featuring colour, creativity and calm.

Riding the wave of water art

Surf’s up 24/7. Drop in on the perfect wave each and every day with surf art. From the real to the surreal, there are an abundance of options for the bedroom, lounge and bathroom. No waves, no glory.

11. The wave

Wave Water Art Ideas

SPIRITED: The Great Wave print is inspired by the classic and majestic Shiba Kōkan oil painting.

12. Surf’s up

Water Surf Art Ideas

TOTALLY STOKED: Combine Surfing Panorama with a matching interior colour palette for a classy home design.

13. Happy sailing

Bathroom Water Art Ideas

LIGHTEN UP: The Crest Of A Wave will bring sunshine to any cloudy day.

So much serenity in water art

Relax indoors with water, no matter what the temperature is outside. Add a touch of tranquility with zen style water art, an island atoll or a jetty of dreams. Ready to restore balance in your home and life?

14. Zen lyfe

Zen Water Art Ideas

BALANCE: This gorgeous Zen Garden Droplet photo print is full of colour and life.

15. Island dreams

Island Water Art Ideas

DREAM ON: Add inspiration to an office with this glorious Emerald Atoll reef and island print.

16. Jetty walk

Water Art Ideas and photography of jetty

BLISS BOMB: It doesn’t get any more picturesque than Sunrise At Matilda Bay Boathouse.

Increase water art in your home and the relaxation and tranquility that it brings. View the full range of water photography.

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