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Stressed out? 15 zen pictures to help you relax

zen pictures

We are all stressed out to the max, these days. It’s quickly becoming an epidemic. Because our biggest investment is our health and wellbeing, we need to do everything we can to relax. That’s where zen pictures come in handy!

Discover how to bliss out and restore peace in your life with beautiful zen art.

Water watching

zen pictures of water
WAVES OF PEACE: let them wash over you with ‘Revitalising Ripples’

Studies have shown that merely looking at water— even in pictures— can significantly reduce stress and ailments. Although scientists are not entirely sure why it has such an effect on us, they are positive that it does.

zen pictures with butterflies
LAND GENTLY: with ‘Fluttering Harmony’

‘Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are,’ Chinese Proverb.

zen pictures of sunrise
AFTER THE DARKNESS: the ‘Stillness Dawns’

Water photography can be a very peace inducing item to add to your busy life. Whether you enjoy reflections, ripples or a completely still surface, there are water images to soothe any soul.

Buddha bliss

buddha zen pictures
ACHIEVE STILLNESS: any time of the day with ‘Midnight Meditation’

The Buddha was a monk who founded what we now know as Buddhism. One of the fundamental aims of this philosophy is eternal peace and achieving zen.

buddhist zen pictures
KEEP YOURS: emulate the Buddha’s ‘Calm Composure’ at home

It has been said that just by looking at the peace held in Buddha’s face, you can experience a similar level of inner contentment.

Create a sanctuary of calm in your home by hanging zen pictures that depict Buddha in meditation and represent serenity.

zen pictures of buddha
ROCKSTAR: find your zen with ‘Rock Garden Buddha’

‘Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without,’ Buddha.

Petal peace

frangipani zen pictures
SCENTED STILLNESS: you can almost smell the ‘Plumeria On The Rocks’

It’s been shown that just by looking at nature (not even having to step outside our doors) can significantly reduce stress levels.

Enjoying the visual aspect of nature ‘…could serve as an opportunity for micro-restorative experiences and a promising tool in preventing chronic stress and stress-related diseases.’

bamboo zen pictures
REMINDER: add ‘Relax And Reflect’ to your to-do list

It’s hard not to unwind when you look at the beauty that nature creates for us. Particularly when it comes to the breathtaking wonder of flower photography.

lotus zen pictures
SHINE MORE: with ‘Sunbeam On Lotus’ in your home

The lotus is an ancient symbol that represents splendour springing forth from mud. The unfolding of petals symbolises advancement of the soul and the spiritual journey, which is why you see it associated so much with Buddhism and Hinduism. It also makes for attractive art in the home or workplace.

Stacking stones

stone zen pictures
LIGHTEN YOUR ENERGY: with the inspiring ‘Invigorate’

Like a lot of ancient traditions and activities, stacking stones is a meditative practice that encourages stillness of the mind and body. It’s an activity that requires the utmost focus and an inner balance to create outer equilibrium.

zen pictures of stacking stones
STRUCTURED SERENITY: ‘Pyramid Of Peace’ works wonders

There is something reassuring and tranquil about looking at a pile of stacked stones… some order in the seeming chaos of nature. And they make for an appealing art subject for any room in the house. A meditation room, perhaps?

‘Relax. Nothing’s missing,’ Maxime Lagacé.

Candlelight calm

candlelight zen pictures
LIGHT UP: with the soothing ‘Heaven Scent’

Candles are the ultimate symbol of calm, softness and self care. The enigmatic gentle glow of a candle flame can instantly release all tension and tell our brains that it’s time to switch off from the day and slip into relaxation mode.

Create your own home spa, without the risk, with ‘Candlelight Bliss’ and ‘Heaven Scent’.

soothing zen pictures
PURE LUXURY: ‘Candlelight Bliss’ creates pampering vibes

Wherever you are, be there totally, Eckhart Tolle.

Zen sand gardens

yin yang zen pictures
RESTORE BALANCE: bring all the pieces together with ‘Yin And Yang’

Zen gardens capture the philosophy of working towards a more peaceful way of existing.

The setup and maintenance of a traditional zen garden is specifically configured to enhance stillness of the mind. And from that complete and utter stillness, enlightenment is born. At least, that is the aim!

butterfly zen pictures
SWIRL YOUR WAY: to contentment with ‘Zen Stones With Butterfly’

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu

Feeling more relaxed already? Why not shortcut your way to enlightenment with our full range of zen art?

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