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12 Artwork Ideas To Transform Your Space

12 Artwork Ideas To Transform Your Space

You’ve make the decision to purchase 2-3 key statement pieces of artwork to decorate your home. Surely that’s where the fun starts, right? However, once you start looking online, you realise the decision-making process is actually quite tricky. Rather than a plethora of artwork ideas, you are instead left with an abundance of questions.

“Will it match my sofa?”

“Will it clash with or complement the decor?”

“What size print will suit my wall space?

“Would black and white look bold or boring?”

“How do I make sure I choose something stylish?”

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to vision and creativity as we share with you 12 ways you can use wall art to completely transform your space.

1. Add character with colour

When decorating your own home, artwork is an expression of who you are. That’s why it can be so tricky to settle on something. The thing to keep in mind is that, even if you are a gregarious person, not every room in every house needs to be gregarious. There’s such thing as too much character!

For example, if you’re passionate about pink, you don’t have to bathe the entire house in it nor even an entire room. In the same way black furniture begs for bold, bright prints, white furniture is more suited to light brights. If you want to enjoy pink in your home, you don’t have to paint your favourite desk pink, buy a new pink sofa or even pink cushions.

To add character and class to a room, choose a piece of work that features your favourite colour as well as the colour of the furniture nearby. As you can see, below, the colourful pink print includes the cream colour of the desk in the petals. Note, it does not include the colour grey from the wall it’s mounted on. The feminine flow of the floral pink print perfectly complements the masculine energy of the grey wall.

Artwork Ideas - Use Of Colour

FEMININE WILES: This contemporary ‘Flower Twirl’ piece adds character without completely taking over the room.

2. Make magic with monochromea

What’s this monochromea we’re talking about? You may know it from the shortened slang ‘mono’ which is sometimes called ‘black and white’ or referred to as many shades of grey.

The temptation to choose a full colour print can be overwhelming, but the amazing thing about mono artwork is the impact the act of taking away makes. There’s something powerful about removing colour.

If a room already features enough splashes of colour, consider going mono.

Artwork Ideas - Monochrome

GO WILD: Find mono magic in this ‘Zebra Love’ print, available in our Animals Collection.

3. Explore themes of life

The art we choose says a lot about who we are and what we love. Our tastes change as fashions change, one of the reasons we love promoting affordable art (so you can replace it with the latest trend, guilt-free, in 5-10 years time).

For example, if you love the new retro revival, you don’t have to completely let loose with shag carpet and orange tiling. A signature piece of artwork can say all that and more, in one simple print.

Artwork Ideas - Theme Subject

REVIVE YOUR LIFE: To give a room a makeover, choose an up-to-the-minute theme, like ‘retro’ then find a print to suit. This ‘Retro Palm Trees’ photographic piece makes a statement.

4. Size up your space

If you love a work of art, you don’t want it getting lost in the space. Something that’s too small for a space can end up looking a bit ridiculous. The best thing to do is to measure your space first then visualise centring the print vertically and horizontally.

Find something in the room that can act as the midpoint of your interior design. As you can see, below, the print takes up the full length of the sofa and is centred within that allocated space. Elsewhere, you may have a desk or a cabinet.

Follow exactly the same process for any space. You can go large and take up the entire space or reduce the size and leave more wall space around the print. Either way, ensure it’s nicely centred.

Artwork Ideas - Large Size Of Artwork

UPSIZE: A work of beauty like this ‘Spring Beech Forest’ photographic print deserves pride of place.

5. Get into shape

Sure, classic landscape or ‘postcard’ shape is a sure thing, but if you are blessed with a long wall or a high ceiling, opt for panoramic or square. To get the right shape for the space, follow the same rules as above, but don’t be afraid to experiment. The result will be worth it.

Artwork Ideas - Panoramic

STRETCH IT OUT: Just like the real horizon, the view of this ‘Seashells Panoramic’ never ends – picture perfect.

6. Style it up

Styling with art can ensure guests to your home look away from things you don’t want them to see, like old furniture or a cluttered desk. By choosing a specific style of art, you can very quickly shift the focal point away from whatever it is that’s dominating a space.

Whether it’s abstract, watercolour, pop art, cubism or surrealism, select the style you want your house to assume and mount it. As soon as possible.

Artwork Ideas - Style - Watercolour

GLAMOUR: The gorgeous ‘Pink Flamingo Watercolour’ is one of our most popular. It hides all the wrongs in any home.

7. Embrace the contemporary edge

If you live in a new or recently renovated house or apartment and truly want a piece that ‘Wows’ each and every day, it’s time to embrace contemporary style.

Contemporary art is ‘now’. I’m not even being superfluous. Contemporary art literally means art that is produced at the present period in time. To see what’s hip and happening, browse through our Contemporary Art Collection.

Artwork Ideas - Contemporary - Edge

ON TREND: If you want vogue, you want this colourful ‘Geometric Eye’ print.

8. Do an interpretive dance

There’s something about abstract art that says ‘Take me home’. It seduces. It enchants. And you can never quite figure out why. But much like interpretative dance, you know you love what you see and you want to see more. The same goes with art, so don’t be afraid to dance with abstract. It beckons.

Artwork Ideas - Abstract

DANCE WITH DESTINY: An antique style setting combined with this abstract ‘Destiny’ print is truly magnetic.

9. Tantalise with abstract photography

Even just a quick glance of our Abstract Photography Collection will confirm why this style of photography makes the viewer look twice. It teases our senses. “What is that?” we ask.

The wonder of amazing abstract art is that it never ceases to tantalise.

Artwork Ideas - Abstract Photography

ENTICE: Why choose a still life floral bouquet when you can enjoy this equally pretty abstract ‘Primula’ piece.

10. Experiment with patterns

The wonderful thing about pattern art is that it can be used in room after room without getting tired. It’s also incredible versatile. It can transform a room that uses solid colours to something with plenty of pizzazz. Or it can be used to contrast other patterns.

A concerted clash of patterns – different designs, textures and colours – is all the rage. Using the same pattern twice – pattern repetition – is an experimental device that adds spunk.

Artwork Ideas - Patterns

ZING: Use pattern repetition to push the boundaries, something these two bright lime ‘Retro Squares’ prints achieves.

11. Mix and match

Using complementary prints to create a matching set means twice – or even thrice – the fun. When browsing through our collection, we love to offer ideas we know will make a massive impact. For example, these Parisian cats are available as a set of four. So while we’ve featured just two, below, you can buy one or all four if you really want to. Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Artwork Ideas - Matching Sets

IN HARMONY: To complete your interior, don’t just settle for ‘Chat Noire Avec Un Fleur’, choose a matching pair.

12. Create an eclectic, fun decor

When it comes to choosing art, there’s no need to get caught up in convention. In fact, creating discord is often the goal of art. It excites our senses. It agitates our state of mind. To illustrate, the nostalgia of vintage takes us into a different world. If you work in a modernist office, your home may very well be in need for some romance.

Artwork Ideas - Eclectic

FANTASTICAL: ‘Vintage Views Of London’ creates a fairytale environment where love affairs begin.

Build a mental picture of your life and what you want it to say, do and mean then find the art that expresses those factors. Once you do that conceptual work, you will be well on your way to transforming your home into a place that’s fitting for you and yours. Start browsing for your transformational piece now.

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