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Apartment Interior Design For The Young Renter

Apartment Interior Design - Bachelor Pad  - Young Fresh

As a student living at home, I did the most ‘unme’ thing ever. I put together a glory box. I used a beautiful big timber chest that I got for my 18th birthday and filled it with goodies.

A glory box, traditionally, is a box for a woman’s clothes and household items, stored in preparation for marriage.

I had no grand ambitions to move straight out of home into marriage, so this glory box was just for me – to get me ahead on all the things I felt I might need when I first move out of home.

Over the years I put together things like a toaster, a kettle, linen, tea towels. My mother contributed to it as well. Clearly she couldn’t wait to get rid of me. Kidding! It was a wonderful activity to do together (and a great excuse to shop!).

When the big day arrived at age 21, one thing I discovered lacking from my glory box was artwork. I arrived in my first, very humble apartment to discover it had all the practical essentials, but no character!

So my search for art began, as did my life as an independent, albeit impressionable person. A young life that saw me experience all sorts of weird and wonderful people and places. A young life that saw me dabble in every post teen, ‘newly grown-up’ sub-culture there was – the minimalist phase, the spiritual phase, the eco phase. So many journeys of self discovery!

Times haven’t changed all that much since my early adult years. One thing that’s significantly changed in the last 20 years in the art world is the shift in acceptance that graffiti is no longer simply considered vandalism, it’s also now a well-respected art form. Something else that’s changed is quality art is now more affordable. Our beautiful wall art print online gallery means everyone can enjoy art on their walls, including young people.

So whether you’re putting together a glory box for yourself or your daughter, or you or your son or daughter has just moved into their first apartment, here some apartment interior design artwork ideas for the young renter.

1. Graffiti Chic

Graffiti artists sure like to mess with the status quo! Despite the definition of graffiti being a scratch or spray on a surface located in a public place, unlike ancient etchings that are typically revered and protected by historians, the act of graffiti is a punishable crime in our modern society.

Increasingly, today’s graffiti artists are being given designated places to carry out their art. Much of today’s graffiti is for sale on canvas as well. Some tagging can be so simple – a hand written signature the artist uses to identify him or herself. This is commonplace and, in my opinion, a tad boring and gets a bit tired. The next step up from tagging is when an artist draws their signature in a large and elaborate way. These are called ‘pieces’ and require more artistic skill.

This urban art piece, available in our Graffiti/Urban collection is towards the less ‘taggy’ part of the graffiti spectrum, a great way to add colour and spunk to the living area of a new apartment.

Apartment Interior Design - Urban Graffiti Canvas Print

URBAN COOL: This fresh, colourful art piece is available for purchase in our Graffiti Urban collection.

2. Spirit Guide

Young people love to explore their spiritualty and, once away from home, they often start to seek and search out their own sense of spirituality. And if it’s not spirituality, it’s philosophy.

Our Spiritual Art Collection covers a diverse range of spiritual faiths from Christianity to New Age.

This Buddha piece is perfect for a warehouse or rambling cottage setting.

If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them. – Dalai Lama

Apartment Interior Design - Spiritual Buddhist Canvas Print

SPIRIT GUIDE: Find yourself with this calm, creative work featuring Buddha.

3. Whimsical Fashionista

This gorgeous feminine piece can be found in our Paisley Pattern collection. In our Patterns section, you can either click straight through or select a pattern you love and then browse. Consider using our colour picker. If you love pink you can select the pink colour palette and only the pink designs will show.

Apartment Interior Design - Pink Paisley Canvas Print

FEMININE: This pink paisley piece from our Patterns Collection will add whimsy and romance to an It Girl’s home.

4. Sophisticated Bachelor

Here’s one for the recent university graduate who’s just secured his first job and prefers a minimalist interior design style above the ramshackle student sharehouse look.

A minimalist interior is easier to keep clean too. This cubism art will surely impress a date, highlighting sophistication and class (without actually needing a high income to uphold the impression!).

Apartment Interior Design - Cubism Art Canvas Print

SERIOUS SOPHISTICATION: Minimalist interior design suits the modern young man. This cubism print is one of many Cubism Art prints in our online collection.

5. Eco Warrior

For being green there is great hope. – Henry VI Part II Act III Scene I, William Shakespeare

Young people are our future and, today, young people are seeing both the health and environmental benefits of using bicycle transport, buying organic produce and recycling – activities once considered unusual but today commonplace.

This art print, inspired by Australian Aboriginal art, is a lovely homage to the environment, with the forest and the river depicted here in the style of a traditional dot painting.

Apartment Interior Design - Aboriginal Art Canvas Print

ECO INSPIRATION: Find your love of country with colourful dot paintings

Wall Art Prints come in a large range of sizes, with some of our square prints a massive 1.4 x 1.4 metres. Browse our art collections now.

I think our teens are going to need bigger glory boxes!

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love … and then we return home. – Aboriginal Proverb

It’s those visits home that parents look forward to, but it’s the pride in bringing up an independent adult that also means a lot – them being house proud is a wonderful bonus.

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