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Snuggle Up: 11 Autumn Decorating Ideas

Snuggle Up: 11 Autumn Decorating Ideas

What does autumn mean to you? For many, it’s the season for balancing darkness with light, for letting go and for acknowledging impermanence. But what about when it comes to decorating ideas to match the autumnal mood?

Imagine translating these seasonal qualities into your interior design, particularly your everyday living space. Can you envisage decorating ideas that encapsulate that?

It involves harmonising autumn colours (both bright and dim), bringing out snuggly items ready for winter (think throws, cushions and firewood) and basically letting go of the old (hot summer days out) and welcoming the new (milder autumn days in).

Ready for a good snuggle? Take note of these transeasonal decorating ideas.

1. Create Warmth with Timber Furniture

There’s something about natural timbers that provide a sense of warmth that white veneer, plastic and steel just can’t match. If you’re keen to create a new autumn inspired living nook at home, add timber furniture or wooden ornaments.

Timber Decorating Ideas

WARMTH: This Aspen Trees In Fall impressionist print is the perfect accompaniment to natural timber furniture.

2. Balance Colours and Neutrals

Autumn interior colours don’t have to sit on their own to create the best effect. In fact, mixing seasonal colours with neutrals can make a gigantic impact, bringing out those rich, toasty hues. The key is to find the right neutrals (such as soft greys and creams) to balance each shade of autumn (such as burgundy and burnt orange).

Decorating ideas and colours

HARMONY: The Autumn red in Red Leaf Forest is gorgeous with this red and grey decor.

3. Bring in Autumn Hues

The wonderful thing about interior decorating ideas is how moveable a feast they can be. Say goodbye to summer with love and welcome autumn into your heart and home. Swap out the brights and bring in the harvest hues. Think outside the “one colour” palette and invite in stripes, spots and abstract designs throughout your home furnishings including rugs, cushions and artwork.

Decorating Ideas for Autumn

MOVING: Autumn Rain is a delicious abstract print you can clash or contrast with seasonal pillows and rugs.

4. Brighten with Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a crowd pleaser and a bright shade but that doesn’t have to overwhelm. Forget the feature wall and instead consider smatterings of accessories like cushions, ornaments, lighting, rugs and art. Even small ornaments and vases add a pop of citrus that can lift a room as the weather starts to chill.

Decorating Ideas with Burnt Orange

PLEASING: Embrace burnt orange with this Autumn Lake Reflections art print.

5. Add Vintage Detailing

Prefer something a bit outside the box? Embrace the brown with some vintage detailing. Pick up those fallen leaves off the ground and throw them around, adding specs of colour in your lighting, sofa, floors and artwork. Complement these dark brown decorating ideas with pastel pinks, purples and yellows.

Vintage Decorating Ideas

UNIQUE: Contrast autumn leaf browns with pastel treats, all coming together in this offbeat Walking In The Rain art print.

‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower,’ Albert Camus.

6. Make Firewood a Feature

Increase your home’s snuggle factor with some beautifully stowed firewood. The look and the smell will fill your senses. You’ll be wanting to light a fire in no time. What a way to fully embrace autumn and warmly welcome winter as you bundle up.

Decorating Ideas with wood

SNUGGLE IN: Autumn art like Golden Autumn Forest is simply dreamy when combined with the spectacle of stowed firewood.

7. Swap Out Flowers for Sticks

Spring and summer are all about flowers, floral art and tropical themes but that doesn’t mean Autumn is void of colour and creativity. Swap out baskets and vases of flowers (the real or the fake) with one of the following:

  • decorative sticks
  • willow sticks
  • collections of cinnamon quills
  • blossom branches
  • and found driftwood branches.

They make the perfect natural ornament and never die. Bonus!

Decorating Ideas with decorative sticks

CREATIVE: Sticks are just one feature that make this charming green decor and Lake House in Autumn print mesh.

8. Add a Snuggle Sofa

Scour your local op shops or check out new vintage revivals for that classic seventies browny-orange sofa. If retro isn’t your thing, it’s also wonderful to embrace any autumn leaf colour— red, orange, yellow— in any of your favourite sofa styles. The plusher, the better.

Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown, Wikipedia.

Decorating Ideas for your lounge room

LET IT GO: Sit down on a new signature sofa with the allure of Path Through The Conifers in the mix.

9. Throw Around Some Colour

Make throws a feature in the home, just in time for winter. Use colours from a more unusual autumn colour palette— pinks, mustards, violets— to add style and stave off the cold for as long as possible.

Decorating Ideas with throw rugs

UNUSUAL: This mustard throw is an elegant use of colour perfectly matching the Autumn Breeze print that uses pinks, purples and mustards.

10. Don’t Forget Blue

Blue? Wait, what? What are we talking about? We’re talking about the fact that the sky and the sea don’t disappear in autumn and nor does blue. Cobalt blue is inspired by the deep blue skies of autumn. It makes a wonderful complementary interior colour to other seasonal hues, such as in this print with l layered leaf patterns. 

Decorating Ideas involving blue

EVOKE: This exquisite Autumn Leaves print highlights how impressive cobalt blue can be when styled with a complementary decor.

11. Go For Contrast

Love a bit of colour? Don’t want to wave goodbye to summer completely? While autumn is about shedding, gathering food and preparing ourselves for the cold, the need to hold on to that warmth and balmyness is strong. If you’re not one to worry about warmth, shock your interior into action with contrasting colours of autumn pictures. Try mixing autumn orange and summer lime for a vintage inspired contrasting decor.

Love this look? You can learn more about the art of colour contrast.

Retro Decorating Ideas

SHOCKING: Never let summer get away from you with this bright Autumnal Expressions 2 print combined with orange and lime decor.

Do you need more decorating ideas and inspiration for autumn? Take a peek at these spectacular autumn colours around the world.

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