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22 Living Room Ideas To Get You Out Of A Funk

22 Living Room Ideas To Get You Out Of A Funk

“Creativity is straddling the tension, leaning into the discomfort, and finding your way through the dark.” – Brene Brown

When the world outside is getting you down, home is often the one place you can be yourself. That’s the wonderful thing about having a place to call ‘home’.  Whether you own or rent, you have the freedom to create a world you love to live in.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or transform your living area into a citrus sensation!

Here, we offer some living room ideas that will help you find your way out of the dark; help you get out of that funk.

Be eclectic: Mix and match like your life depends on it

If you want to get out of a funk, perhaps it’s time to step outside your comfort zone. Being eclectic doesn’t mean buying absolutely everything from the local op shop or carting out everything from storage. It’s about choosing and buying a few select pieces that you’d like to display and letting them tell the story.

1. Explore dot paintings

Living Room Ideas - Eclectic

ECLECTIC: Combine a dot painting like ‘Intersection’ with classic interior styling

2. Create some eye candy

By Deborah French Designs.

Living Room Ideas - Eclectic

WOW: Organised clutter is not clutter at all, with a careful selection of choice cushions, artworks and floral arrangements.

Shout it out: Embrace bold colours

While the psychology of colour is a fascinating subject, the trick is simply choosing daring colours that still make you happy and running with those. But run with it big time. Think bold. Think bright. Paint your mood a different colour from what it’s used to. To shift your state of mind, shock it a bit.

3. Be bold, fearless and modern

Living Room Ideas - Bold Colours

BE BOLD: Don’t be afraid to go crazy with colour with this ‘Mask Of Emotions’ print, a bright wall and a mad chair.

4. Spread flower power

By DecorDots.

Living Room Ideas - Embrace Bold Colours

YES: Accept positively into your life with flower upon flower of colourful stylings.

Awaken your soul with some citrus zing

Give yourself a reason to wake up in the morning. If the outdoor world is getting you down, bring some greenery inside. Make it fresh! Citrus is soul food.

5. Splice up your life

Living Room Ideas - Citrus

ZING: Nothing looks better with the oranges, lemons and limes in this ‘Citrus Slices’ print than natural browns and tan tones.

6. Get into the lime light

By Jonny Valiant.

Living Room Ideas - Lime

IRRESISTIBLE: Lime and white (or apple and eggshell) give this living space a fresh, modern feel.

Be a cool cat: Go monochrome all the way

Already a bit hyper? Need to calm down a bit? Monochrome interior decoration and artwork will calm your senses without dulling them.

7. Calm your spirit

Living Room Ideas - Monochrome

FIND BALANCE: Go large and monochrome with a ‘Snowstorm in Central Park, New York City’ print within a minimalist interior.

8. Appropriate different shades of grey

By DecorDots.

Living Room Ideas - Monochrome

UNITY: Greys, whites, blacks and tans cleverly meld to make a small living space appear larger than life.

Get your vintage on: Take inspiration from yesteryear

If you’re not coping with your city’s noisy, busy concrete jungle, shun the modern world and invite a piece of yesteryear into your living space. Think vintage, romance, femininity, French chic…

9. Enjoy a French twist

Living Room Ideas - Vintage

FRENCH TWIST: All it takes is a chic sofa and this ‘Vintage Blue Butterflies’ wall art print.

10. Try shabby chic

By Lulu Tapp.

Living Room Ideas - Shabby Chic

REVIVE YOUR LIFE: A few white throws and rustic timber add ons will give your living space a fashionable ‘shabby chic’ look.

Yeah baby: Jump on the retro trend

Lost the fun? Bring it back with the love and spunk of the 60s and 70s. Inspire love of self, Austin Powers style, and you will find good times again.

11. Oh, be-have.

Living Room Ideas - Retro

YEAH BABY: Combine a retro Austin Powers decor with this cheeky pop art ‘I’m just not sure’ print to attract some sexy times.

12. Put the ‘grrrr’ in swinger baby yeah! 

By Apartment Therapy.

Living Room Ideas - Retro

GROOVY: Nothing screams ‘love shack’ better than a shag carpet, a nature mural and psychedelic art.

Spark romance: Ignite a little fire

Sick of being single? Or your relationship has lost its spark? Don’t shrug off the importance art plays in inspiring passion.

13. Get the heat on

Living Room Ideas - Romance

STEAMY: This ‘Embrace’ print will heat things up in the living area. But what will you hang in the bedroom?

14. Bring back old romantic

By Shabby Fufu.

Living Room Ideas - Romance

WHIMSICAL: You don’t have to be in a relationship to create a place of love and romance.

Create a sanctuary to inspire well-being

Be your own Zen master at home by creating a living space that inspires meditation, spiritual reflection and quiet times without it being a boring chore.

15. Find the calm

Living Room Ideas - Sanctuary

TRANQUIL: Create calm with neutral tones and this stunning print from Wall Arts Prints’ Zen Collection.

16. Get a piece of peace

From Interior Designipedia.

Living Room Ideas - Zen

CALM DOWN: Add earthy tones to a neutral urban decor to create a living space that’s rich with peace.

Scratch those itchy feet: Celebrate multiculturalism

Love to travel? Love mixing with people from all walks of life? Lift your spirits by creating a home environment that celebrates love, acceptance, people and places.

17. Discover the best of Islam

Living Room Ideas - Multicultural

LIVE AND LEARN: This stunning ‘Turquoise Tiles’ Islamic art print melds beautifully with modern furnishings, giving a room a rich, almost art deco feel.

18. Mix in Morocco

By Justina Blakeney.

Living Room Ideas - Ethnic

ETHNIC HUES: Bring a melting pot of cultures to your home, with textiles and textures from Morocco and Turkey.

Get funky with the ultimate contemporary space

Say goodbye to funk and hello to funky. Declutter your mind by decluttering your space. Got a bit of spare cash? Do something daring with it – buy a new piece of art, a gas fire, an indoor slide. The options are endless.

19. Deliver dynamism

Living Room Ideas - Contemporary

IMAGINE: Bring a contemporary living room to life with this ‘Dynamic Dreaming’ print.

20. Make friends with metal

By David Hotson Architect.

Living Room Ideas - Contemporary

MAGIC: Turn a modernist space into a land of make believe with an internal slide.

Be brave: Let your personality shine

It’s OK to be different. Own it. Lean into the discomfort and give your conservative friends something to really talk about. Here are a few ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

21. Party on

Living Room Ideas - Personality

CELEBRATE: Transform an otherwise conservative decor into a party palace with this ‘Ready To Party’ watercolour.

22. Don’t look back

By Pierre Andre Senizergues.

Living Room Ideas - Skate

ALL THE FUN: Who needs to even leave the house when you’ve got a skate park in your living room?

Ready for a change? Start your creative journey now with a new piece of art.

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