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Creating A Festive Home For Christmas

There’s two types of people in the world; those who count down the days until Christmas decorations are acceptable and those who count down the days until the whole season is done. No matter which category you fall into there’s a way you can spice up your home decor and bring a bit of holiday cheer into every room.

Living Room

If there’s only one room of the house that receives the full Christmas fitout make it the living room. As the heart of your home and the place where most of your guests will be received it’s an obvious choice for bringing seasonal decor to your home.

Festive Home - Living Room

A Christmas bauble tree is an impressive feature on the wall without requiring a great deal of effort. Simply map out a large triangle in pencil on one wall and mark even spaces between each row of the tree for your baubles. Fit clear temporary hanging hooks (such as the Command version) onto your marked spaces and hang a bauble from each one. Don’t forget the star on top!

This same method can be used to fit a twinkly light tree to the wall, just swap out the baubles for strings of lights that you wrap around the hooks into a tree pattern. If you have reservations about pressing hooks straight onto your walls purchase a large chalkboard or pinboard as the base for your tree and hang it like a piece of art on the living room walls.

Now that you have your main feature, a few extra touches will really turn up the festive feel. Card holding trees are a popular way to display all the Christmas cards you are likely to receive.

Or string some wire across the mantle and use wooden pegs to hang up your cards. Alternate hanging cards with photos from past Christmas celebrations to add a personal touch.


Festive Home - Entry

Walk through your front door and have a look around at the first things you notice. This is where you’ll want to add a touch of Christmas. Whether it’s a simple bowl of leftover ornaments and baubles for the side table or tinsel and greenery wrapped around the staircase bannisters, there’s sure to be a spot in your entryway just begging for a holiday touch up.


Festive Home - Kitchen

It may be warm in Australia around Christmas time but that doesn’t meant we don’t love the idea of a winter wonderland. Frosted fruit decorations will give the illusion of winter and snow and are perfect for decorating your kitchen. Fake fruit decorations can be found in most homewares stores but if you love a bit of DIY then you can also make them yourself. Choose hard fruits that will last well like apples, pears and cranberries. Coat them in a thin layer of egg whites then roll in granulated sugar and leave to dry thoroughly on baking paper. Include large leaves and other greenery in your display for the perfect table centrepiece.

Another option is a large glass jar filled with Christmas foods from candy canes to chestnuts.


Festive Home - Bathroom

The bathroom probably isn’t somewhere you’d usually consider adding seasonal decor but if a completely holiday home is your goal then there’s no use leaving out one of the most used rooms of the house.

Scented candles are the lazy decorator’s holy grail item. They’re also a great choice for bathrooms since it’s a room where unpleasant smells are often an issue. Bath & Body Works have a new range of Christmas scented candles as well as hand and body washes or lotions.

Everyone expects to find a wreath adorning your front door but why not give them something unexpected. Miniature wreaths are easy to find and just the right size to hang from your bathroom door handle or cupboard and drawer knobs. Pine cones, angels and stars are all equally Christmassy without overdoing the bathroom decor.


Festive Home - Bedroom

Your bedroom still needs to feel relaxing so we recommend nothing too bright or over the top in this room. Christmas lovers can deck their bed in festive honour with a holiday themed quilt cover. For those on the less enthusiastic side a plain new quilt cover in striking red or green along with some seasonal themed cushions will add the sophisticated touch you need.

Scent is your friend yet again in this room. Purchase a few extra Christmas candles and relax before bed surrounded by delicious flavours from candy apple to peppermint.

Getting in the holiday spirit is easier for some than others. Whether you’re a Christmas lover looking for new ideas or you need something above and beyond a single Christmas tree, we hope you found the inspiration you’ve been searching for.

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