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Want To Win At Life? 24 Quotes To Live By

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If you’re looking to reprogram your unconscious mind from negative to positive thinking, it pays to start looking at how you can enhance your surroundings at home.

To get you started, we’ve selected a range of wall quotes to live by to inspire you to win at life. We take you through from love, happiness and hope to reflection, strength and fun.

First of all though, take time to declutter your living spaces, particularly living areas, offices and bedrooms. Be brave. Throw out anything you haven’t read in at least 12 months: old magazines, journals, books. Donate to charity old ornaments and trinkets you’ve been holding onto for much too long. Throw away faded, cheap old artwork and broken old photo frames. It’s all about making way for all things new.

Now it’s time to declutter your mind.

Which quotes will you choose? You might like to transform your living area into a place of love – one or two large quotes on canvas will do the trick. Or design an office with a wall gallery of quotes to inspire greatness. For the kitchen, pick a quote that focuses on family or fun.

They say home is where your heart is, so if you’re not happy with how your heart is feeling, perhaps it’s time to initiate change. Here are 24 ideas to help you get started.


All you need is love. Love is all you need.

The Beatles got it right, didn’t they? Let love into your home with quotes that encourage wholehearted living.

1. Love Beyond Words

Quotes To Live By - Love Live

LOVE ACTUALLY: Canvas quotes come in all shapes and sizes, like this inspiring upright print – perfect for a hallway.

2. Family Rules

Quotes To Live By - Family

DREAM BIG: Encourage the whole family unit to win at life with this ‘Family Rules’ print, an everyday reminder to be true to each other.

3. Love Is All You Need

Quotes To Live By - Love


Some say happiness is a choice. Make the right choice by choosing prints that inspire a state of mind that will get you through the day. Let’s start by smiling.

4. Be The Reason

Quotes To Live By - Smile

SMILE TIME: It’s not just about smelling the roses, it’s about being the rose. This canvas quote will help you on your way.

5. Find Your Smile

Quotes To Live By - Reason To Smile

6. Do Happy

Quotes To Live By - Happy


Life will gives us lemons. It’s what we do with them that counts. And that’s where hope steps in.

These quotes are a reminder to alway see the bright side of life, knowing that tomorrow will come and things will get better.

7. Dance In The Rain

Quotes To Live By - Rain

DANCE: This wall print is a great reminder that ‘this too shall pass’, wonderfully inspiring for a teenager’s study or adult retreat.

8. Believe

Quotes To Live By - Believe

9. Big Dreams

Quotes To Live By - Dreams

10. On The Bright Side

Quotes To Live By - Photography

11. Strength

Quotes To Live By - Strength


Decluttering your mind is about pausing and reflecting on the things that are most important: who you are, how you react to trouble and what changes you’d like to make.

12. Be Awesome

Quotes To Live By - Awesome

CLASSY: Use classy art quotes to enhance your living space and bring a cheeky smile to your dial.

13. Perfect Moments

Quotes To Live By - Perfect

PERFECTION: Celebrate the moment by combining a perfect decor with a perfect quote.

14. Little Moments

Quotes To Live By - Moments

15. Meet Yourself

Quotes To Live By - Meet


To find inner strength, get back to the basics with the classic ‘Keep calm and carry on’ or choose something more profound to empower your mind, body and spirit.

16. Keep Calm

Quotes To Live By - Calm

POPULAR: Shake up your household by taking the common quote and making it funky, all over again.

17. Dance

Quotes To Live By - Dance

18. Go Left

Quotes To Live By - Right

19. Stay Strong

Quotes To Live By - Smiling

20. Bravery

Quotes To Live By - Stronger


Those who win at life don’t take themselves too seriously. You don’t have to adult every day – let your inner teen express itself from time to time. Life can also be a massive adventure, if you let it. Make it happen.

21. Can’t Buy Happiness

Quotes To Live By - Wine

SAME SAME: Relax over a drink with friends with this fun print, a great way to create a bar atmosphere in your own home.

22. Tequila

Quotes To Live By - Tequila

23. Take Adventures

Quotes To Live By - Adventures

24. Say Yes

Quotes To Live By - Yes

Inspired to win at the game of life? You can find all these quotes and more in our Wall Quotes Collection.

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