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The positive project: inspirational quotes for kids

inspirational quotes for kids

Have you considered inspirational quotes for kids as art that’s not just fabulous to look at but as an empowering mechanism to help them develop?

In today’s world, we realise the value and significance of building resilience in children. And one of the most effective, yet simple, ways you can help is by hanging motivational art the kids will love.

inspirational quotes for kids about beauty
‘Your Own Kind Of Beautiful’ really is the best kind of beautiful

A learning tool

Carefully chosen art for kids has the additional benefit of reminding your little ones about the inspirational lessons you are instilling in them.

‘A large body of research indicates that visual cues help us to better retrieve and remember information.’

And repetition aids learning, particularly when it comes to language. So you increase the chances of your child learning and understanding new words by including inspirational quotes in their space.

colourful inspirational quotes for kids
‘Rainbows And Stars’ helps kids to think positively on the tough days

Building resilience in children

Building resilience is an important life skill that we need to thrive as an adult in this world. What better time to learn this all important skill than as a kid?

Building resilience in children also provides many benefits. Resilient children are more empathetic, understanding, driven, hopeful and have improved communication and problem solving skills.

inspirational quotes for kids and adults
‘I Am Me’ is also a terrific reminder for adults

Believe in yourself

Beyond Blue denotes that some of the most important factors that contribute to building resilience in children are:

  • positive self talk
  • a sense of competence and confidence
  • a sense of optimism and positive attitude

Hanging engaging art to foster these traits will compound the positive messages and remind your kids when they need it the most.

inspirational quotes for kids hero
Forget Superman, develop a sense of confidence with ‘Your Own Hero’

Raising Children recommends the value of consistent and regular praise in parenting.

‘When praise is encouraging and focused on effort, children are more likely to see trying hard as a good thing in itself. They’re also more likely to keep trying and to be optimistic when they face challenges.’

sayings and inspirational quotes for kids
‘Always Remember’ from Winnie the Pooh is the perfect reminder

Combined with regular praise, inspirational art for kids will consistently reinforce your efforts.

inspirational quotes for kids in a bedroom
‘She Believed She Could’ is a surefire way to inspire your child

Dream big

For a child, the world is their oyster. With their future a blank canvas (so to speak!) they can be anything they want to be. Encourage big dreams and belief in a world where anything is possible.

inspirational quotes for kids about dragons
‘Tame Dragons’ is a checklist of awesome

Choose art that develops a sense of limitless thinking so your child can embrace all the world offers in the many years ahead.

inspirational quotes for kids about dreams
‘Dream Big’ is where it all starts

Fill your kids with a sense of wonder and encourage their natural sense of adventure in a world bursting with opportunity.

inspirational quotes for kids to follow their dreams
‘Follow Your Dreams’ makes it okay to believe in lofty aspirations

Or bring the world of possibility alive with colourful and engaging artwork that stimulates the imagination.

adventurous inspirational quotes for kids
‘Adventures Are Calling’ reminds your child there is a whole world to explore

Just the way you are

There is nothing quite like the freedom that comes from being completely happy in yourself. By fostering this early on in life, you will help your child to develop self-esteem and enjoy more positive interactions with the world.

amazing inspirational quotes for kids
‘You Are Amazing’ is a new life motto

There is no better feeling for a person than to be accepted exactly as they are. Give that gift to your child from the early stages of their life and remind them how perfect they are exactly as they are.

inspirational quotes for kids for your decor
‘Stay Wild My Child’ reinforces that your child is already wonderful as they are

Foster a belief that it’s fine to be different and diversity should be celebrated. Unique people who dance to their own beat make the world a more interesting place to live in!

happy inspirational quotes for kids
‘Lama Unicorn’ gives the gift of optimism

Encourage your little one to believe in everything they believe in – a world where fairy tales can and do come true.

inspirational quotes for kids rooms
Create a world of wonderment with ‘Dance With Fairies’

Love and be loved

Inspirational quotes for kids are one of the best opportunities to remind your little ones how much they are loved. The feeling of being loved has been shown to be a significant player in developing resilience.

inspirational quotes for kids by winnie the pooh
‘Favourite Day’ will make your child feel cherished every single day

‘The single most common factor for children who develop resilience is at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult.’

inspirational quotes for kids sunshine
Let your child to shine with ‘You Are My Sunshine’

Help your children appreciate the different forms that love can take; not only family but also their wider circle of friends. Kids need a support network as much as adults and good friendships go a long way.

friendly inspirational quotes for kids
‘Make Life Sweeter’ does just that

Another great life lesson for your little one is that love works both ways. Teaching your child how to love is just as important as loving them.

princessy inspirational quotes for kids
‘A True Princess’ is more than tutus and tiaras

Inspirational quotes for kids hanging tips

So, you’ve chosen a beautiful inspirational quote artwork and you can’t wait to hang it? Here are our top tips to maximise impact, effectiveness and delight.

  1. Remember to hang the art at kids height, not yours, so they can easily see it. Typically, art is meant to be positioned 144 to 152 centimetres off the ground. But you will need to aim for a little lower for children.
  2. Don’t hang art (or any other wall hanging) directly above a cot, in case it falls.
  3. Firmly attach the art to the wall to prevent little fingers pulling it off.
  4. Rather than encasing the art in glass, which can be a potential hazard, opt for a giclee or canvas style instead.
  5. Don’t hang art above any furniture that your child could be tempted to climb on. Their natural curiosity might get the better of them!
  6. For a balanced aesthetic, art should be at least half to three quarters of the size of the width of the furniture beneath it.

Love the idea, but need to put your own oxygen mask on first? Take a look at our full range of inspirational quotes for the whole family, which can make all the difference on a bad day.

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