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Sleep Easy: Beautiful Master Bedroom Design

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The master bedroom is not just a place to end and start your day but it is also an integral part of your health and wellbeing. 33 to 45 per cent of Australian adults are affected by poor sleep, which alarmingly, results in bad work performance or falling asleep on the job, not to mention mood, interpersonal and health problems. Anyone who has had a bad night’s sleep knows the torture and disaster of the proceeding day. It can lead to a bad day at best and a dangerous day at worst.

The Sleep Health Foundation purports that the main causes that prevent us from deep, continuous sleep are:

  • environmental stimuli and noises
  • mental or emotional issues and stress
  • thinking (and overthinking) about work
  • needing to go to the bathroom
  • and physical and health reasons (such as pain or illness)

Therefore, it’s fair to say that Australia has a national sleep deprivation problem.

Thankfully, the good news is that it can be simpler than you think to rectify some of your sleep issues. One of the key factors to great sleep is to improve and balance your sleeping environment. If you’re not making your master bedroom design the best haven that it can be, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Here are our tips and room ideas to make your master bedroom the dreamiest place in your home:

Let there be light

master bedroom art prints that are light

LIGHT AND BREEZY: keep your sleep lit

There are countless studies that determine that natural light can greatly enhance our mood and wellbeing. Incorporating lightness and brightness into your master bedroom ensures that it remains a place of positive feelings and joy, encouraging a blissful slumber.

If you don’t have the luxury of sizeable windows that allow plenty of daylight, why not emulate the light feel with a bright print?

Add plants to your master bedroom

indoor plants in the bedroom help you to sleep

FRESH AND GREEN: plant the seeds of a good night’s sleep

They’re not just beautiful to look at but indoor plants improve the quality of your sleep by releasing water vapour and cutting down the germs, pollutants and chemicals from the air and even NASA tells us we need plants in the bedroom.

Consider pendant lighting

master bedroom pendant lighting design

PENCHANT FOR PENDANTS: drop what you’re doing and add drop lighting

Lighting makes all the difference to the way a room feels and looks. So, for an on trend look, incorporate pendant lighting into your master bedroom’s décor. With an array of pendant lighting available you can choose the right look and length to suit your bedroom habits and tie into the surrounding décor and artwork seamlessly.

Add a bit of bedroom bling

master bedroom bling canopy bed

BRING THE BLING: fancy up your bedroom. Photo credit: Bernhardt

A gorgeous bedroom can entice a great night’s sleep and one of the most unique ways you can fancy up a dull bedroom is to add a bit of bling.

Try installing a gorgeous glitzy bedframe like this incredible canopy bed and you’ll be sure to feel like royalty in no time and as a result, all your mental and emotional stresses will seem far away.

Use statement art

statement art for master bedroom design

STATING THE OBVIOUS: a statement piece will enhance your room

Stepping into your bedroom and seeing statement art will immediately raise your endorphins and those other “feel good chemicals” that all lead to a beautiful night’s sleep. Additionally, a statement art piece will also motivate you to keep your bedroom tidy and clutter free so as to not detract focus from it.

Are you looking for that heart stopping statement piece? Browse through our collection of abstract art.

Timber headboard for the main bed

bedroom headboard made out of wood

A TOUCH OF TIMBER: a gorgeous timber headboard

It’s safe to say that you’re not going to enjoy sleeping if you resent your bed. There are many ways that you can take your bed from a grubby mattress to a luxury delight fit for even the worst sleepers and this timber headboard brings a little bit of rustic charm to your slumber.

All out decadence

decadent master bedroom decor ideas

REGAL LIKE: sleep like a king or queen. Photo credit: Bernhardt

If we fall asleep in a decadent setting, it’s easier to dream of the opulent and luxurious life that most of us crave and with glorious dreams, comes glorious sleep. Adding regal like and decadent touches to your master bedroom design will see you sleep like a king or queen.

Fall in love with faux fur

fur decor for the master bedroom

FAUX FUR: furry comfort. Photo credit: Design Addicts

Take your master bedroom decor lavishness a step further with a touch of faux fur with an accent piece such as a throw rug, cushion or floor rug. As a result, the exquisite tactile nature of this material will leave you melting in comfort the moment you walk into your master bedroom.

Play with patterns

master bedroom decor patterns

PATTERN PRETTY: mix up your patterns

A beautiful bedroom is created from innovative and unique design and breaking those old fashioned design rules. A fun rule to break is to mix up patterns! Although counterintuitive, it can create a pleasant aesthetic and a room you love spending time in. Try mixing a pattern wallpaper or print with a contrasting pattern on your bed linen.

Embrace the modern Scandi look

modern Scandi decor for the master bedroom

MORE THAN MINIMALISM: clean and modern Scandi design

For those who crave minimalism, the modern Scandi look never disappoints, so it’s important to keep your design clean, functional and embrace muted colours and bare woodwork.

Go pillow crazy

cushions and pillows for master bedrooms

PLUSHNESS: pillow-palooza. Photo credit: getinmyhome

The quickest way to create delicious cosyness and comfort in your master bedroom is by incorporating an abundance of cushions and pillows in a range of colours, patterns and fabrics.

Decorating tip: overstuff your cushions (and change stuffing every few years) to enhance the feeling of decadence and help mute noises.

Creating a handsome master bedroom (and therefore getting better quality sleep) can be life changing. Take a look at some more inspirational master bedroom décor ideas or beautiful bedroom art.

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