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8 Colour Schemes That Work Every Time

8 Colour Schemes That Work Every Time

When choosing a colour scheme, the key thing to remember is that – unlike many other facets of interior design – it’s not a matter of taste. It’s a matter of science. Sure, you can get creative when choosing a colour scheme, but if you get too creative, things can become horribly wrong.

You might find a particular colour scheme not to your liking, but there’s a big difference between a bad colour scheme and one that’s not to your liking. There’s a reason why some colour schemes work and others don’t. There are rules.

According to Brandi Hussy there are three reasons why a colour scheme works or not.

1. It depends on where the colours are on the colour wheel in relation to each other. This means you need to know what a colour wheel looks like, what’s on it, and what the basic colour relationships are.

2. The contrast between colours is important, so you’ll need to know about value and saturation.

3. It’s about understanding how colours react next to each other.

Tricky isn’t it? Like I said, science! Interior designers understand the science of colour and many are formally trained for years to understand the intricacies of their trade, but if you want a cheat sheet, we thought we’d put together 8 colour schemes we think work every time.

1. Green and Sand

When it comes to choosing colours, nothing inspires the heart and soul more than the colours of nature. Whether it’s the green of the forest, the blue of the ocean or the beige of the sand, nature is awash with colour. Combine green with sand and you will create an interior that is bright and life affirming. For full effect, include patterns from nature. The leaf design on the wallpaper, rug and cushions, below, is using the colour green to its full advantage.

Visit this green and sand colour palette on Pinterest for more matching colours.

Colour Schemes - Green And Sand

GREEN SCENE: The leaf design featured throughout this gorgeous interior decor uses the colour green to its full advantage.

2. Blue And Sand

From the rainforest to the reef, blue and sand or blue and coral take the colours of the seaside and transform your living space into a calm, tranquil environment. Combine it with a beach wall print and you won’t even know you’re still in the big city.

For more matching colours, check out this blue and sand colour palette on Pinterest.

Colour Schemes - Beige And Blue

BE CALM: This popular seaside print is part of our beach photography collection, available for sale in our online store.

3. Blue, Red And Sand

“You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment.” – Nhat Hanh

Ahhh Mother Earth, she loves to inspire us and subdue us. Bring her earthy tones into your home. Think dusty blues, think desert reds, think seaside sands.

To discover more about these colours, check out this blue, red and sand colour palette.

Colour Schemes - Red Blue Grey

EARTHY HUES: Celebrate Mother Earth with dusty blues, desert reds and seaside sands.

4. Red And White

It’s time to shift away from nature now and explore the wonder of white. We love white on white – like this wall print for example – but a splash of colour never goes astray. You can add more if you like, but if you love to keep your home life simple and minimalist, white and just one other colour is your best friend.

What else matches red and white? Check out this Pinterest link for the red and white colour palette.

Colour Schemes - Red And White

MAKE A SPLASH: Keep it simple with one of our ‘white on white’ patterned prints then add a splash of colour to excite and delight!

5. Pink And White

If you love white, you can use it liberally in a home, but choosing which colours will bring a room to life can be a challenge. Black and white is always a winner, but for a more feminine interior decorate a room with whites and pinks. If you like, add a splash of another colour but make sure it matches the tried and tested beauty of white and pink.

For more colour ideas to suit pink and white, take a look at this Pinterest pink and white colour palette.

Colour Schemes - White Pink Purple

FEMININE WILES: Pink and white make for a stunning combination. Add a splash of a third colour or not!

6. Purple, Green And Yellow

Purple is a colour many women (and even a few men) love to the point of obsession. Purple can be done so badly. It can be overwhelming and scream ‘Too much!’ and ‘Get me away from this crazy person!’. But purple doesn’t have to be the domain of the crazy. Rekindle your love of purple by matching it with yellows and greens. Bold and charismatic without the ‘crazy purple lady’ label. For more purple prints, visit any of our collections and search by colour ‘purple’.

For more colours to match a purple, green and yellow palette, click here.

Colour Schemes - Purple And Yellow

BE BOLD: Rekindle your passion for purple by adding yellows or greens. This print from our contemporary collection will do the trick.

7. Brown On Brown

Hipster brown is in. Retro brown is back. Coffee brown never goes out of fashion. Don’t decorate your whole house with it, but pick a room – an office, a boy’s room or a teenager’s room – and own it.

For more browns, have a look at this colour palette on Pinterest.

Colour Schemes - Brown On Brown

8. Mustard And Moss

Mustard and moss or sunflower and rust? Whatever you call it, adding two matching tones to a white or grey base will provide a touch of class to a room. No retreat is complete without a wall art print and we’ve got the colours to match with this perfect posy of tulips.

Love mustard and moss? Or is that sunflower and rust? See the colour palette here.

Colour Schemes - Grey Yellow Turquoise

PICK A POSY: Give any room a touch of class with a matching flower print, available in our floral collection.

Be brave. Be bold. Be creative. But don’t ignore the science of colour. Search our gallery by colour today!


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