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Know the ultimate man cave rules then break them

man cave rules

We’ve all heard the man cave rules before. Rules like:

  1. Sports channel only.
  2. No eye contact.
  3. No whining. Sharing feelings is banned.
  4. Hydrate with beer.
  5. A man cave doesn’t need decorating.

It’s fair to say these man cave rules are outdated and divisive. The 21st century man is different to what we have known in the past but that doesn’t mean that there cannot be a designated space in the home (or outside the home) for a man cave.

The infamous man cave has also been dubbed “manland” or “mantuary” and in essence just really offers a place of sanctuary and solitude for someone looking to pursue their passions and hobbies and capitalise on their relaxation time.

Given that these man cave rules aren’t really a “one size fits all” scenario any longer, we’ve taken the liberty of updating them and presented you with the ultimate in man cave ideas.

It’s time to flip these man cave rules on their head.

Rule 1. Sports channel only.

If this was the case in every man cave, that would mean no Sons of AnarchyGame of ThronesBatmanDoctor WhoStar TrekBeavis and Butt-headThe Simpsons or Family Guy.

Everyone deserves a place of their own to retreat into another world without being disturbed. Especially when it comes to watching your much loved television programs, whether they be sports, science fiction, cartoons or news.

To create your ultimate man cave for the sports lover, choose from an abundance of sports photography including motorsports, cycling, golf, surfing, snowboarding, sailing, football, horseracing, athletics, skydiving.

If you’re not completely into sports, there are still plenty of options to decorate the walls of your beloved man cave. Like this print below, which offers an elegant outdoors experience.

man cave rules

Rule 2. No eye contact.

This rule isn’t going to work. And here’s why… picture this: it’s Friday evening and you’ve had a stressful week at work and you jsut want to have some fun. So, you’ve invited a group of friends over to hang out in your man cave. Best of all, you’ve all decided that it’s Friday night poker night!

How on earth do you expect to keep the ultimate poker face without making eye contact? It’s impossible. Your mates will call your bluff in a heart beat. If you want to be raking in the winnings, this man cave rule has to go.

Having your very own home casino is everyone’s dream, so here’s the ultimate poker print to make your man cave feel less like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and more like The Hangover.

Man cave rules poker print

VEGAS NIGHTS: Bring a piece of the casino city home with this sexy print.

Rule 3. No whining. Sharing feelings is banned.

Once it was the forefront of masculinity to bottle up your emotions and not display your feelings. Thankfully, we have progressed as a species and know that not only that expressing emotions is valid but is a vital part of health and wellbeing.

Emotions are now part of the manly formula for success: acting with head and heart and hands. Or, in the words of Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D., ‘Emotion is a compass that tells us what to do.’

If you still want an art print to remind you of your inner tough guy, this edgy ‘Sauve French bulldog’ is for you.

man cave rules to break

Rule 4. Hydrate with beer.

Last Christmas a beloved relative bought you the home brew kit. Sounds like a great idea, right? But have you ever used it? No. Because it’s much easier to buy a slab of beer or duck down to the local brewery for some artisan brews. This is the best rule to break.

Alcohol is a significant part of Australian culture with more than 80 per cent of adults drinking within the past year. Not everyone loves beer and that’s okay. More and more people are refining their wine palette or even abstaining from the booze all together.

But for those who occasionally overdo it, you’ll want a place for the morning after to retreat whilst you recover from you hangover. So be sure to keep your man cave stocked with water and juice as well as beer and wine. Make sure this forms one of your new man cave rules.

Whether you’re a beer drinker or not you can still indulge in this ultimate man cave beverage print:

man cave rules

Rule 5. A man cave doesn’t need decorating.

If you want the ultimate man cave, don’t overlook the details when it comes to the interior design. With an array of versatile home decor options these days, there’s no need for it to look shabby. There’s also plenty of online inspo to make sure you blend all the hot trends with the sentimental items that make this space your favourite place to be.

man cave rules of art

Take it on as a personal creative project or invite your loved ones to help with a fresh perspective. Don’t forget to meld the classy with the risque… like this nude art print from our sci-fi art collection.

Man cave rules to break

Bonus decorating tip

This is important! We understand that you love that futon that has been near you since your earlier glory days. It’s a source of comfort and familiarity. But frankly, it’s far too gross to be in the house so it’s banished to the man cave.

man cave rules of artwork

Whether you’re looking to let your personality shine, add a statement piece or simply hide all those holes in the wall, we have the ultimate piece of man cave art to suit.

For more inspiration, check out these breath-taking famous man caves and surprise Dad with the perfect gift next Father’s Day.

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