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It Girl: Home decorating ideas to keep you on trend

If an ‘It Girl’ is the girl around town that everyone wants to be then I reckon it’s time to bring a bit of the It Girl closer to home with glamorous, on trend interior design.

The good news is you don’t need the fame, the figure or Daddy’s credit card to impress guests and be the talk of the town.

So what exactly is IN? Here are some home decorating ideas that will transform a woman’s living environment from drab to high society with limited fuss and minimal financial outlay.

Fabrics and patterns are IN

The current interior design trends suitable for an It Girl’s home life are as far removed from the bachelor pad as it gets. Where trends continue to call for men to use minimalist design and restraint in their décor choices, women everywhere are leaning towards intricate patterns, elaborate florals and colour contrasts galore.

In fact, the bachelor will love visiting any It Girl’s home as it brings them closer to beauty and warmth.

Floral textiles, also a trend in women’s clothing with feminine dresses aplenty, are ideal for wallpapers (yes it’s back!), carpets, rugs and tiling. Rugs that shimmer and appear to change colour are the go.

Where in the past, wall art struggled to compete against wallpaper, today juxtaposing patterns are IN. Art prints featuring contrasting colours and patterns are now the perfect match.

If you’re not gutsy enough for wallpaper, you can enjoy florals, chintz and other traditional and contemporary patterns through the inclusion of a showpiece lounge or large canvas print. Other patterns on trend include 3D patterns, geometric prints, blurred images, repeated forms, kaleidosopes and science-inspired cells and molecules.

Anything blue, particularly indigo and dark navy, is on trend as is sour green, so this look, below, is ideal for any It girl.

Sour green is in.

Home Decorating Ideas - It Girl - Islamic

VERY NOW: Anything blue is on trend, like this Islamic Print, available online from $47.99.

Nostalgia is IN

Yes, we’re talking hipster girl here, ideal for an It Girl’s library, bedroom or living space. Hipster for the It Girl is less about mounted deer antlers and more – thank goodness – about all things whimsical.

Clear glass is out. Smokey glass, which adds old worldly mystery and intrigue, is IN. Thick, dark curtains are out. Lightweight, one-colour window sheers are in, adding a sultry look to any room.

Craft made and one of a kind items are IN. So you can spend your downtime knitting, weaving, quilting and crocheting, we’re here to cater to the ‘one of a kind’ style. Instagram’s soft filter technology has made Vintage style photo art, below, very now. This will add a nostalgic dreamlike quality, a strong trend in 2015.

Home Decorating Ideas - It Girl - Nostalgia

WHIMSICAL: Bring a bit of hipster to your home with this ‘Girl with umbrella on a bicycle’ print from $41.99.

Cultural Diversity is IN

Any It Girl who travels extensively loves to show leadership and celebrate cultures from across the globe. Global good aside, ethnic influences add beauty and wonder to a boring room that’s crying out to explore new possibilities.

The popular trend is towards ethnic fabrics – think cushions, throws, upholsteries and rugs. Colourful patterned tiles used on floors can fuse indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Interior fashions are welcoming major influences from Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe. The It Girl trend is to mix it all up.

Home Decorating Ideas - It Girl - Cultural Diversity

FULL OF WONDER: Show global leadership with this ‘African women on the plains’ print from $47.99

Inspired to be the next It Girl where it counts most, in the place you call home? Check out our endless on trend options online now.

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