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Interior colour trends — 2020 forecast

interior colour trends

Dulux have released their very human centred and wholesome interior colour trends for 2020 with a range of appealing colours and combinations.

The four distinct sets of colours have been designed to lead you to the very essence of happiness. Centre yourself, breathe and reconnect as we explore these beautiful colour trends in more detail.


interior colour trends with floral art
GET A TASTE: ‘Go softly softly with ‘A Hint Of Deco’

The Grounded palette is a simple, less-is-more approach to your interior colour scheme. It’s all about decluttering Marie Kondo style and living a more carefree way of life, without sacrificing on the warmth and intimacy that a home can possess.

interior colour trends for autumn
GROUND YOURSELF: with a delicate ‘Autumn Whisper’

The Grounded palette includes beautiful browns and nascent neutrals, showcasing the raw beauty of texture and tactility. For timeless appeal, soft and emotive autumn art is the perfect accompaniment.

neutral interior colour trends
Image credit: Dulux

Personalise your home with textured forms that please the eye and add an accent colour to break up the neutrals.

floral interior colour trends
ADD WARMTH: with the muted lavender of ‘Winter Bloom Aquarelle’

‘A Grounded palette of neutrals sees elements of white through to caramel unite with muted lavender.’


interior colour trends matching a blue sofa
COMEBACK: to childhood joy with ‘Elephant On The Cloud’

A nostalgic, yet contemporary, colour palette— the heart of vintage art— is bursting through to 2020 by the name of Comeback. It offers a reprise from a busy, homogenous world where you can truly express your true self. Let your creativity flow with the best design features from the past seamlessly integrated with elements of now.

comeback interior colour trends
Image credit: Dulux

‘Comeback blends eclectic style with vintage charm to create a rich and layered aesthetic that feels expressive in its maximalism, yet reassuringly familiar.’

green interior colour trends
DIVE DEEP: into the throwback with ‘Aquamarine’

The Comeback palette is one of the great interior colour trends for those who adore vintage and retro items and playful throwbacks to 80s-inspired fun.

bright interior colour trends
CREATE A SPARK: on your walls with ‘Firework Flowers’

With bold and vibrant colours like the striking Dulux Master Blue, this is definitely a colour palette to watch out for!


interior colour trends inspired by dulux
GET BACK TO NATURE: with ‘Secrets In The Jasmine’

Following our inherent love for the simplicity of nature, the Cultivate palette encourages us to find refuge in our homes. Combat the relentless demand of digital living with this calm and soothing interior colour trend.

emerald interior colour trends
WHAT A GEM: be swept away by the ‘Emerald Tide’

Cultivate connects us to nature through colour and pattern, while reminding us to appreciate the simple things – beautiful botanicals, fresh air and natural light.

cultivate interior colour trends
Image credit: Dulux

‘In Cultivate we embrace the romance of slow living, taking pleasure in nature and our ability to nurture, grow and sustain ourselves in simple and small ways.’

bush interior colour trends
NATURAL PLEASURE: bring the green and gold home with ‘In The Bush’

Add harmony to your interiors with natural green hues offset by plum and yellow accents. Soft floral furnishings and lush landscape paintings are the perfect finishing touches to this refreshing and ambient style.


scarlet interior colour trends
PURE INDULGENCE: let your walls ‘Bloom’ for a luxe look

The Indulge palette also speaks to our collective desire to retreat from the chaos of modern life. This time, however, the palette aims to reignite our romance with our home to provide a decadent and complete escape.

Indulge is the luxurious antidote to our busy, stressful lives’

red interior colour trends
SUNSET SPECTRUM: add richness and warmth with ‘Rhapsody In Red’

It delivers a richness and a heightened sense of luxury, featuring soft forms and decadent fabrics. Cocoon yourself from the world with sophistication and high romance.

dulux interior colour trends
Image credit: Dulux

Combine this rich colour palette with retro-futuristic style and Art Deco vibes. Create a sense of opulence with deep purples and ruby reds, balanced out by lilac infused pastels.

autumnal interior colour trends
LET YOURSELF GO: with ‘Falling For Fall’

‘A warm, vivid sunset palette helps to create an emotive space designed for lingering. Focus on toasty shades of burgundy, brown, reds and oranges to create a cosy, indulgent place to escape.

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