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Floral patterns are now trendy – goodbye chintz!

floral patterns without the chintz

Chintz is outdated, heavy and overwhelming. When you think of floral patterns you’ll be forgiven for recalling your grandma’s busy flower curtains.

But florals deserve a second chance! It’s time to reframe your thinking about floral patterns. Thankfully, modern flower prints are amazing and can jazz up any decor. Over the years, floral patterns in home decor have evolved. No longer are we chained to the patterns of the 1950s which decorated drapery and upholstery in abundance.

We get it. It can be overpowering to introduce florals and a risky move towards potential chaos. And you might be tempted to avoid them altogether. Let us turn that all around as we guide you through this exciting interior design trend.

Vintage: a reawakening

vintage inspired floral patterns

Image credit: via Pinterest

Reawaken your concept of florals. Instead of traditional roses and peonies, introduce yourself to native wildflowers with a vintage twist.

vintage floral patterns

A NEW TWIST: ‘Vintage Protea’ works for everyone

With such a perfect blend of nostalgia and classic looks, florals are one of the easiest patterns to go alongside any vintage inspired decor. But vintage patterns also work just as well in a contemporary setting, softening the hard edges effortlessly.

floral patterns that are vintage

REVAMPED: ‘Brocade In Blue’ is old meets new

Retro: a textural declaration

floral patterns for retro homes

Image credit: BM Stores

What’s the first thing you think of when you think floral patterns? Is it soft pink hues and baby’s breath posies? Think again! Floral patterns can be spirited and eye catching and come in colours that you haven’t yet considered.

floral patterns for retro homes

POWER UP  your dining space with ‘Flower Power’

To make your floral patterns pop, consider the contrast of the items and colours immediately surrounding it. Like this hot mandarin colour that can be paired with other citrus shades and fresh green fernery or other rustic tones and textures.

floral patterns of tulips

TANGY: get the right amount of flavour with ‘Retro Tulips’

Exposed brick and rendered cement walls are a modern design feature with a nod to retro. Adding fun and quirky retro patterns is a simple way to add interest whilst enhancing the overall design aesthetic.

floral patterns in the bedroom

Image credit: Bed & Manor

One colour: streamlined repetition

bedhead with floral patterns

Image credit: Homedit

Repeating various shades of one feature colour is a commanding design technique. An easy and super effective way of doing this is to use repeating floral patterns that mirror the chosen tones and shades.

SOPHISTICATION: this ‘Budding Burgundy’ print will take you there

If you find it too stifling to completely cover your room with one colour, aim for just one or two standout pieces – such as a feature wall, statement piece of artwork or soft furnishings (such cushions or ottomans).

floral patterns in home decor

MAKE A WISH: with ‘Drifting Dandelions’

Choosing patterned artwork that has one colour (even if it’s supported by white, grey or black) makes it much easier to incorporate with complementary decor items as well as clashing ones. Plus, it makes a focal point without overwhelming the senses.

The subtle art of strong statements

floral patterns with a birch rug

Image credit:

At first glance, you may not realise that florals can easily mix with other patterns and styles. You can go subtle or you can go bold! But it’s a great way to bring in your favourite design eras, such as the ever popular art deco and incorporate an all star statement item. A funky couch, armchair or ottoman is the way to go!

floral patterns in art deco style

RAMBUNCTIOUS: go wild with ‘Ranunculus Flamingos’

Continue your floral love affair with a patterned couch. If you’re still learning the ropes, don’t feel compelled to pair with other patterns. A simple flower print and a few botanical themed homewares will do the job nicely!

floral patterns in artwork

UNDERSTATED: ‘Pink Protea’ is a dainty addition to any room

Classic: the classiest partner

floral patterns and funky reading chairs

Image credit: Swaffer

If you’re more inclined to stick with classic and traditional furniture, floral patterns make the most exquisite and refined partner. Much like that piece of dark chocolate that never fails to enhance your fine red wine.

floral patterns at home

CLASSIC TWIST: ‘Oriental Spring’ is both classy and fun

Pair floral artwork with classic furniture such as a leather chesterfield for a perfect match of both subtle and regal.

floral patterns and furniture that matches

BURSTING: offset traditional furniture with ‘Berries And Blooms’

Florals instantly add a sense of comfort and homeliness and with a few well chosen homewares you can change a room in a heartbeat!

floral patterns as home decor

FLORAL PATTERNS: fun for furniture

Balance: the bare minimum

Another technique for incorporating floral patterns is to adopt a minimalist approach. For this style to work, it’s important to offset the impact of the pattern with strong lines and simple furniture. The reduced attention that a minimalist decor demands lets the floral pattern shine on its own, without having to compete.

floral patterns for the dining room

POP OF TROPICAL: ‘Orchids And Palms’ will brighten any space

You’d be forgiven for thinking that floral patterns create busyness. And they have in the past. But modern florals offer the perfect accompaniment to a contemporary decor. Whether you have a small apartment, small space or just a penchant for the minimalist style, floral patterns makes the space come alive and avoid the possibility of boredom. The trick is in the pattern!

floral patterns to put in the bedroom

POSIT THIS: The gentleness of ‘Possibly Petals’ is ideal for softening a bedroom

Floral patterns don’t have to be romantic and whimsical, they can be bold and defiant. And a simple pattern incorporated into soft furnishings and homewares can really lift a room. Feel inspired to give it a whirl? Our collection of flower patterns is an easy way to get started.

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