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Youth Has No Age: Embrace Digital Art

Youth Has No Age: Embrace Digital Art

“Youth has no age.” – Pablo Picasso

Remember when you were young and you would see all the funky digital art in art galleries, upmarket hotel lobbies, fancy workplaces and online? And you would fantasise about having your own place decorated with all the edgy artwork you ever wanted?

Well, now that you’ve well and truly left behind your teen bedroom with movie posters, hot rock stars and supermodels, it’s time to revisit everything that is amazing about the creative, digital world.

Last century was for dreaming. This century is for making dreams come true. The bonus is, you now have the money to make it happen.

Picasso once said ‘Youth has no age’ and, despite the temptation to assume digital media is just for young people, we’re here to show it surpasses age. It’s for everyone.

Get the edge with high impact art

Rather than ease you gently into the world of digital art, let’s dive right into some of the most innovative art in our collection and how they work in a contemporary decor.

If you adore minimalism, you will love the impact a digital piece can make. Whether it’s 3D still imagery, pixel art or fractals, this medium can transform an otherwise conservative decor into a radical space.

Digital Art - Edgy - Imagination

SURPRISE: The colours in this ‘Imagination’ print bring this room alive, with a sneaky maroon to complement the plush carpet.

Digital Art - Edgy - Lightening

WIRED: This ‘Cyan Fusion’ print adds a special energy to this modern bedroom.

Say goodbye to the teenage blues

It’s time to shift our mood, say goodbye to the teenage blues – those awkward moments, that perpetual angst, the drama – and embrace the calm that the colour blue really brings.

Blue is a stress-reducing colour that invokes the feeling of honesty, trust and security. The colour of the sea and the sky, blue brings a feeling of familiarity to a room.

Embrace the digital blues – pattern art, floral art, marine art.

Digital Art - The Blues - Blue

BRIGHT: Colour your room with all shades of blue including a dash of this ‘Ocean Blue Mosaic’ pattern print.

Digital Art - The Blues - Floral

BLOOM: This ‘Aethereal Blue Flower’ print – because nature design doesn’t always have to mean something green.

Digital Art - The Blues - Turtle

DOWN UNDER: Bring some happiness to a neutral decor with a ‘Sea Turtle Swim’ wall print.

Enjoy the smoke without the cigarettes

You’ve ditched the cigarettes and, blow me down, you’re still as cool as ever. What a surprise. Here’s another surprise – smoking is now cooler than ever – in the art world at least.

The good news is that this smoking does not cause cancer. In fact, it causes cheer. Just look at this digital colour!

Smokin’ hot!

Digital Art - Smokey

IN TUNE: This purple and blue ‘Cool Blue Swirl’ is a perfect match for this exciting decor.

Digital Art - Smokey - Unfolding

CELEBRATE: This ‘Unfolding Of Colours’ print pays homage to Holi, the Indian festival of colours or of ‘sharing love’.

Nerds are the new cool

Move over Sheldon, step back Chuck, make way Abby – nerdy art prints are the coolest thing in town.

Whether you’re a sci fi fan, a tech expert or simply a passionate purveyor of all things digital, it’s time to style your home the way it’s always meant to be styled – by channelling your inner (or outer!) nerd.

Digital Art - Sci Fi - Orbs

OUT OF THIS WORLD: This ‘Golden Orbs’ print, spectacularly suited to this modern rustic decor, acts like a portal to a digital nirvana.

Digital Art - Sci Fi - Dimension

PIXEL PERFECT: The epitome of simplicity is ‘Dimension’, an edgy abstract digital print that will funk up a bedroom.

Let him have his man cave …

Man caves of the 20th Century were all about naked girl calendars, stinky ashtrays, bar fridges and beer steins. Today, 21st Century men are transforming their personal spaces into stylish escapes complete with wall art, home brewing kits and big screen TVs.

This new masculinity is a welcome change – and a place where digital art is very much at home.

Digital Art - Man Cave - City

EXCITE: Funk up a man cave with this ‘Graphic City’ black and white art print.

Digital Art - Man Cave - Abstract

COURAGE: It doesn’t get braver than this ‘Into The Storm’ digital work.

… As long she can have her she shed

There’s no longer any need for women to envy the man cave. It’s time to embrace the she shed or ‘lady cave’!

Enjoy some alone time with beautiful decorative digital media prints. Choose colours that will relax, revive and renew – perhaps a perfect print for meditation, yoga, sewing, reading.

Pick your potion. Pick your print.

Digital Art - She Shed - Spin

REFRESH: The delicate composition of this ‘In A Spin’ print is a perfect piece to freshen a tired space and mind.

Digital Art - She Shed - Fractal

POP: This bold ‘Purple Fractal’ wall art will give a room a face lift.

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