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Micro interior trends: bringing the outdoors in

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There are a number of exciting micro interior trends that focus on the outdoors.

We know it can be expensive and time consuming to deck out the whole house in a particular interior trend. So we’ve found four of the latest micro trends that you can incorporate into a certain room or just an area of your home. Keep them for a season or forever— the choice is yours.

Micro trends aren’t necessarily small in impact and are more than just fads. They are high impact interior trends that can be worked into existing décor and yet still standout. Plus, they also have a positive emotional impact whenever you enter the room.

The best part of these micro interior trends is their focus on bringing the brilliant outdoors inside, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds every single day!

Interior trend one: tropical wilderness

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You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love the whimsy of sunshine and the smell of coconuts; it conjures up memories of balmy evenings and more relaxed living.

There is nothing like a dash of tropical lushness to inspire the feeling of perpetually being on holiday. A sweet, summery vibe in your home can inspire all day happiness. Just be careful you don’t start the pina coladas too early!

interior trends with flamingo

FUN IN THE SUN: nothing says fun quite like pink flamingos

Create an oasis in your home with sizzling flamingo, hibiscus and tropical leaf prints. Then mix and match with cushions, throws, rugs and complete the look with colourful summer art. Pair with plants, plenty of natural light and your favourite cocktail, then sit back and relax.

tropical interior trends

TROPICAL PARADISE: go balmy for palms with ‘Pink Hibiscus Leaves’

Interior trend two: gilded goodness

golden mirror interior trends

IMAGE CREDIT: Home and Decoration

Create a treasure trove with the timeless interior trend of gilded goodness. This style is great for a touch of regal splendour and a more mature or masculine decor. Gilded goodness anchors gold and brass adornments with an antique ambience and a nod to nautical themes.

Gold trimmings don’t have to be old fashioned. They can be extravagant without being outdated and stuffy, particularly when mixed with dark tones or shades of grey.

Alternatively, gold or brass touches – think mirrors, pendant lighting and ornamental furniture – pair perfectly with wood and leather. Don’t forget to incorporate your favourite reading chair!

nauticul interior trends

NEW ADVENTURES: set your path with ‘Voyages Of Discovery’

Interior trend three: gemstones and geodes

interior trends with geodes

NATURAL BEAUTY: for unparalleled colour, you can’t go past what nature creates

Gemstones, geodes and precious stones are popular the world over and have been for many years. There’s even a zircon crystal discovered in Western Australia that could date back as far as 4.4 billion years old!

interior trends inspired by gemstones


There are over 5000 mineral types in the world which range in breathtaking colours and shapes. The appearance of malachite, amethyst, hematite and similar make for excellent home décor inspiration.

Traditionally, it was believed gemstones have a range of healing and therapeutic properties so they were used in jewellery and complementary therapy. These days more people are incorporating them into their interior design. Considering the rising popularity of these beauties, it’s safe to say that shining, colourful gemstones create the basis of a polished interior trend.

Gemstones can form part of furniture or ornaments and can also acutely inspire colour palettes in your home. With an array of naturally occurring tones, it’s easy to see why people are opting to bring the outdoors in with gemstones.

If you want to go all out, try incorporating this amethyst countertop in your bathroom and reap the positive benefits of this treat from nature.

interior trends with gemstones

IMAGE CREDIT: Chaloos Restaurant

Interior trend four: indoor campsite

interior trends and dreamcatchers

DREAMERS WELCOME: create a boho vibe with ‘Tribal Dreamcatcher’

What would an interior trend about the outdoors be without mentioning an indoor campsite? Not only is it an enjoyable twist on boho chic decor but it’s also filled with fun and whimsy.

This micro trend incorporates plenty of white and neutral colours. Mix with natural touches including woven textures, wicker furniture, cotton furnishings and bare wood. It’s part rustic but part fresh and can suit almost any style of home. Watercolour paintings that capture a boho vibe are a great finishing touch.

For the ultimate indoor campsite, don’t forget to add your own yurt or tent!

interior trends that have a yurt

Want to go next level? Bring your caravan indoors!

boho interior trends

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