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Energy In Motion: The Allure Of Kinetic Art

Energy In Motion: The Allure Of Kinetic Art

Kinetic art has come a long way since the movement enjoyed international acclaim between 1920 and 1970. The artform, also called kineticism, involves art that features both real and apparent motion.

This style covers sculpture and works on canvas. According to The Art Story, kinetic art flourished as an avant-garde trend in 1955 with artists ‘fascinated by the possibilities of movement in art’.

Today, particularly with the widespread adoption of digital design, kinetic art has transformed into a colourful, contemporary form full of illusion, movement and fluidity.

Changing Directions

There’s something superbly anarchistic in this style of art which means, when colour is involved, the unpredictable directional change takes the viewer on multiple different journeys.

That said, when looked on as a whole it seems to make complete sense. That’s the wonder of this fluid genre.

Kinetic Art - Streaming

DIFFERENT STROKES: This bright, bold ‘Streaming Colour’ print is a perfect piece of kinetic abstraction.

Kinetic Art - Eternity

FLUID: Transform a classic setting into a contemporary space with this dazzling digital ‘Eternity’ print.

Kinetic Art - Fantastic

WOW: ‘Light Fantastic’ takes the viewer on a journey full of colour and life.

Kinetic Art - Way

WILD: Whether you see zebra stripes, swimming fish or simply a colourful, high energy pattern, ‘This Way Or That’ will delight all who gaze upon it.

Imperfect Symmetry

While many artforms observe symmetry, contemporary kineticism celebrates irregularity. Whether it’s achieved with a paint brush or digital brush, the result is dizzyingly dazzling.

Who knew Mondrian style art could boggle one’s mind so completely? Modern art with a twist!

Kinetic Art - Mondrian

TWISTED: A kinetic interpretation of a classic modern art style, ‘Mondrian Mosaic’ is an exciting complement to this contemporary decor.

Kinetic Art - Psychedelic

SO DIZZY: The party theme is strong in this one, with ‘Psychedelic Flow’ living up to its name.

Kinetic Art - Hypnotic

DAZZLE: The restraint in colour combined with the high energy composition makes ‘Hypnotic’ a definite conversation starter.

High Energy Blues

Often when we think of kinetics we think of water in its full fluid form. Kinetic artworks in blue evoke the energy and life force of water, one of the five great elements.

Associated with cleansing, healing, loving, intuition and imagination, the element of water is a wonderful way to bring life into a home.

Kinetic Art - Vortex

WHIRLPOOL: Coast into the day with a high energy water print like ‘Caught In The Vortex’.

Kinetic Art - Blues

LOVE AND LIFE: This ‘Bloom In Blues’ print set in this sandy decor is a stunning tribute to beach life.

Kinetic Art - Limitless

FLUID: This ‘Limitless’ print, a stunning complement to a soft decor, can be anything you want it to be.

Black, White And Kinetic All Over

Closest to its most traditional form, black and white kineticism combines abstraction and geometry to create big, bold statements.

These pieces combine art and technology by coalescing mechanical and natural motion – quite brilliant really.

Kinetic Art - Elegance

BRILLIANT: Get lost in the art of motion with ‘Elegance’, a fitting addition to a bachelor pad.

Kinetic Art - Illusions

FANTASTICAL: Every look at ‘Use Your Illusions’ is different, an edgy piece for a reading retreat or office.

Kinetic Art - Infinite

BOLD: Breathe life into a hall space in an instant with this black and white beauty, ‘Infinite’.

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