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Brazilian Landscape Photographer Born Into Dream Job

How many people can say they were born into their dream job? And imagine if that dream job was in the arts?

Brazilian born photographer Fernando Braga didn’t choose photography. Photography chose him. A few years after he was born, Braga’s father left his job as a banker and started his own photography studio.

Totally dodging a bullet (does anyone really want to be a banker?), Braga was raised with photography all around him.

He knew he’d experienced his first step into a career as a photographer after coming along as a ‘third photographer’ to help his parents photograph a wedding. After checking the photos from the day, he knew photography was the right path for him.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Autumn

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Now living in Melbourne, Braga works as a retoucher in an award-winning family photography studio. He said he works with an amazing team who make him feel at home – something that means a lot to him given he’s 14,000km away from his Brazilian family.

Despite Braga’s extraordinary quality work, he said he hasn’t been formally trained.

“All my knowledge about photography came from my parents and self-learning. When I see something that is new to me, I won’t stop digging until I find and learn absolutely everything about it,” said Braga.

“My parents are great artists and they have inspired me so much through my whole life,” he said.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Bridge

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Braga said landscapes were his favourite subject to shoot, but he’s humble in his approach to being labelled a ‘landscape photographer’.

“I think I will only be able to call myself a landscape photographer when I start camping under the stars and at the top of mountains for months, just to chase that perfect image that we are always looking for.

“I would describe myself as a landscape photographer to be,” he said.

I guess that’s what a self proclaimed perfectionist would say though, right?

Braga’s style of photography is vibrant, colourful, catchy and unusual. The colour and capturing techniques he uses create images that are extraordinary, rather than ordinary.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Australia Day

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Through his camera lens, he loves showing how incredible the world is.

“For me, a promising weather forecast (not only vibrant colours for a vivid sunset, but also severe weather) is enough to get my camera and tripod out of my bag,” said Braga.

“Some places in Australia look like paradise and I can’t wait to click all of them,” he said.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Storm

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Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Gorge

PARADISE: Another side of ‘Loch Ard Gorge’ in Victoria is revealed in this monochrome beauty.

A wall art print by Braga will bring life to a room and give it the extra touch it may be missing.

Braga himself loves this idea.

“A piece of wall art can teleport you from your room to a beach or forest in a matter of seconds.

“You can also look at the Milky Way even though it’s raining outside,” he said.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Rain

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‘Princes Bridge Sunset’, below, is one of the very first photographs Braga took in Melbourne.

“On that day, I met a guy who became a very good friend and was responsible for making my very first photograph in Australia going viral.

“Last year, this picture earned me first prize for a photo competition promoted by Eureka Skydeck,” said Braga.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Melbourne

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‘The Milky Way’, below, was taken in Brazil.

“I’m completely obsessed with night sky photography and this was my first attempt to get a panoramic shot of the Milky Way,” said Braga.

I can’t wait to buy a car here and start camping in places all around Australia to make more night shots like this one.

Aurora Australis is also something that I really want to see and shoot,” he said.

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Milky Way

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‘Burning Skies at Black Rock’, below, is a photograph Braga always dreamed of creating.

A place with a few rocks, natural lakes, the ocean and a burning sunset was on Braga’s bucket list of photos to take.

We’re so glad he made it happen!

Landscape Photographer Fernando Braga - Sunset

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So do Braga’s parents support his choice to become a photographer?

“They absolutely do”, he said.

“They always want me to show them my next image to be released and, when it is published, they are the first ones to share it.

“Every competition that I’m in and every prize that I win, they celebrate as if they were the winners,’ he said.

Sounds like Braga is well on the way to becoming a world famous photographer, someone who is a reference and inspiration for other artists.

Thank goodness for all of us that his father stopped being a banker!

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