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15 Painting Ideas To Transform Your Mood

15 Painting Ideas To Transform Your Mood

When something’s not sitting quite right in your life, we often talk about how music (sound), aromatherapy (smell), a square of chocolate (taste) and even a hug (touch) can transform your mood.

But tapping into the sight sense can be important as well. If your home is completely devoid of colour, if your artwork is disheveled, or if it’s all a bit dark and gloomy – that can affect your mood too.

When it comes to transforming your mood with painting ideas, it’s not about everything being all ‘happy happy joy joy’ (although that’s OK too), it’s about pinpointing what it is you want to feel when you walk into a room.

Harnessing that energy and getting an understanding of how you want the mood of a room to be is vital to mastering the art of interior design.

Let’s get into some moods now with 15 transformative paintings.

Calm down

There’s nothing worse than when someone tells you to calm down, but it’s perfectly OK for a painting to give you a subtle push in that direction.

Any shade of blue and any soft pastel will bring peace to an otherwise hectic day.

1. Soothing Blue

Painting Ideas - Calming
KEEP CALM: The blues in ‘Submerge’ will bring you a piece of peace.

2. Gentle Pastel Pink

Painting Ideas - Calming
UNWIND: Discover pastel perfection with this gorgeous ‘Spring Burst’ print, a beautiful complement to this pretty print decor.

Find Confidence

If you’re a bachelor or bachelorette (or designing your own retreat!), find confidence with a touch of suave and a bit of sass.

Fellas, get your cool on with some dogs in sunglasses. Ladies, turn the 1950s housewife stereotype around as you create your own new thought bubble each and every day. You got this girlfriend!

3. Cool Doggos

Painting Ideas - Confident
WOOF: Boost a man’s confidence with this cooler than cool ‘Suave Beagle’ print.

4. Girl, You Got This

Painting Ideas - Confident
SASSY: Be everyone’s favourite independent woman with this audacious ‘I’ll Give Him Cherry Pie!’ print.

Get energised

Feeling a bit low in energy? Nothing quite gives a room a boost of high energy than abstract art. There’s so much life, so much power, so much groove!

Your interior decor might feature soft pastels, rich reds or retro creams, but you can always count on finding a work of abstract to match. Keen to browse more abstracts? You’ll love the work of Melbourne artist Emma Thomas.

5. Larger Than Life

Painting Ideas - Energised
DAZZLE: Transform a soft interior design into a high energy space with ‘Aquarius’.

6. Celebrate Good Times

Painting Ideas - Energised
POP: Life is a party with this colourful ‘Celebration’ abstract.

7. On Fire

Painting Ideas - Energised
ENLIVEN: ‘The Fire Within’ will instantly animate an otherwise restrained decor.

There’s always hope

When we’re in a funk, it’s the one thing we need to drill into our sorry selves – there’s always hope.

From a quirky, funny wall art quote to the abstract brilliance of ‘Optimism Of The Eternal Mind’, paintings speak to our souls. What’s right in front of us can sometimes lift our spirits when nothing else can.

Surround yourself with hope.

8. Sweet Treat

Painting Ideas - Hopeful
QUIRKY: Always find a cherry on top with this very sweet ‘Miracle Muffins’ print.

9. Blow Your Mind

Painting Ideas - Hopeful
EXHILARATING: ‘Optimism Of The Eternal Mind’ is what happens when you paint hope.

Be full of joy

Colour psychology is all about how different colours can impact your mood. But what about when you mix all the colours together?

We call that joy.

The brightest of flowers, the most tropical delights and the spirit of rainbows – they’re all chock full of joy. To find your happy place, decorate a space with multi-colour madness.

10. Tropical Sunshine

Painting Ideas - Joyful
SPARKLE: Create your own bliss with this ‘Summer In The Tropics’ and a super fun living room design.

11. Brilliant Blossoms

Painting Ideas - Joyful
COLOUR YOUR LIFE: Keep colourful flowers alive each and every day with a beautiful ‘Gerbera Bouquet’ print.

Get playful

Been taking life too seriously lately? Let’s get ridiculous! Often when we’re choosing art, we put on our art critic hat and start analysing way too much.

Let your hand down and pick something playful. Anything silly is bound to lift your spirits.

12. Cowabunga Dudettes

Painting Ideas - Playful
SURF’S UP: We love everything about this gorgeous, curvy ‘Deco Surfer Girl’ print.

13. Go Wild With Neon 

Painting Ideas - Playful
WILD: If all you want to do is play, ‘Too Cool For Cats’ is here for you.

Slip into romance

Slip into something romantic with painting ideas that will touch your lover’s soul whether they know it or not.

A big bombastic love quote in the bedroom makes a very clear statement, but if you’re after something more subtle, a monochrome and red print of lovers in the park will set the mood.

Just make sure you’re ready to romance the night away!

14. All The Feels

Painting Ideas - Romantic
SHARE THE LOVE: This ‘Me With You’ print is a loving reminder of what’s important.

15. Love Affair

Painting Ideas - Romantic
AMOUR: Bring the romance of Europe home with this gorgeous ‘Autumn In London’ monochrome and red print.

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