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Art ideas inspired by popular songs

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Music is life for a lot of people. With so many great songs spanning the decades, it was inevitable that art ideas would spring forth. Not so much life imitating art perhaps, as art imitating music. So pop on a playlist, turn up the volume and enjoy some of our favourite artworks inspired by popular songs.

Losing My Religion, REM

landscape art ideas
Get the conversation started with the intrigue of ‘Losing My Religion’

Despite the title, this song isn’t really about religion. Unless you count romantic love as a religion? Although The Times did refer to it as ‘the first existential pop song ever to make the American Top 10’.

Michael Stipe of REM recorded the song in one take practically naked, according to him! “Losing my clothes”, more like it.

Ever Since New York, Harry Styles

cityscape art ideas
Bring a slice of the Big Apple home with ‘Ever Since New York’

Summon the spirit of NYC with ‘Ever Since New York’, inspired by the popular Harry Styles pop song. Rumoured to be about his ex, Taylor Swift, who also has a track lamenting about a romance in New York. Or the songs could be completely unrelated and just about NYC because it’s such an amazing place!

The Girl from Ipanema, Stan Getz

funny art ideas
Add some bare cheek to your walls with ‘The Girl From Ipanema’

This song was inspired by a real life Brazilian woman who would saunter past the songwriters at their favourite bar. She posed for Brazilian Playboy twice and later opened a store in San Paulo called…you guessed it, Garota de Ipanema (Girl from Ipanema). No wonder the songwriters wanted her attention.

Speaking of attention, this cheeky print will catch every eye in the room. A fun and quirky way to revive a ‘bare’ wall!

Islands in The Stream, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

tropical art ideas
Add a chilled retro vibe with ‘Islands In The Sea’

The title of this song actually came from an Ernest Hemingway story; not the rumours that it’s what happens when Dolly Parton lies down in a bathtub.

Double down on those tropical vibes with this retro style print, whack on some Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, make a pina colada and have yourself a mini break!

Afternoon Delight, Starland Vocal Band

colourful art ideas
Brighten your home day or night with ‘Afternoon Delight’

One of the world’s favourite double entendre songs that features in many a Hollywood movie, including the legendary Anchorman. But, in actual fact, the song was named after a late afternoon appetiser menu at a restaurant in Washington. The hit took six months to write, which is no afternoon delight!

Capture the warm midday vibes with this colourful artwork – perfect for a beach house or summer room.

Shotgun, George Ezra

abstract art ideas
If you can handle the heat, create impact with ‘Underneath The Hot Sun’

This fun song was penned in Spain when George was living the backpacker’s life and is the perfect nod to hot summer days. Rumour has it that about one minute in, there’s an audible burp! When on holidays…

Capture an idyllic summer with this ‘so hot right now’ artwork – guaranteed to brighten even the dullest of spaces!

I Kissed a Girl, Katy Perry

pink art ideas
Celebrate sugar and spice and all things nice with ‘I Kissed A Girl’

When a former gospel singer (who also happens to be the child of two pastors) breaks the mould, she really does go wild…wild enough to create a catchy, unforgettable track, that is! She has certainly set her career off in fireworks ever since.

For lovers of bubblegum bursts of pink, this pretty abstract art will make you think of fairy floss, if nothing else.

London Calling, The Clash

art ideas that feature london
Bring music to your walls with an iconic ‘London Calling’ art print

An apocalyptic and political song, ‘London Calling’ was written as a tribute to the pending doom of the world coming to an end and everything coming undone. The title and lyrics were based on the World War 2 broadcast opener ‘this is London calling’ from the BBC.

Counter the depressing backstory with this iconic print. Or put the kettle on and make a nice cup of tea instead.

The Long and Winding Road, The Beatles

surrealist art ideas
Embrace the twists and turns of life with the ‘Long And Winding Road’

We’re not saying this is the song that broke up The Beatles but it did happen during the entrails of their demise. If only Tom Jones had taken the song and made it his (like Paul McCartney wanted), then we might have had a few more good Beatles years. Either way, take a trip down memory lane with this surrealist art and the perfect soundtrack.

Wishing on a Star, Rose Royce

fantasy art ideas
Add a dash of whimsy to your walls with ‘Wishing On A Star’

This popular seventies track has been covered many times, even by Beyonce. It was such a loved hit that a Boston radio station played it at noon every Sunday for more than two decades! Someone certainly had their wish come true.

As far as art ideas go, this one will add the perfect touch of whimsy to any child’s bedroom.

Dancing Queen, ABBA

art ideas inspired by songs
Let your personality shine with quirky artwork like ‘Dancing Queen’

Believe it or not, it’s rumoured that the Queen of England loves this ABBA classic and even has a bit of a bop whenever it comes on. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter too much, as this classic anthem certainly makes dance-floors come alive across the world to this day. Would the Queen still have loved it as much if it stuck to its working title of Boogaloo? Unlikely.

Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits

art ideas inspired by music
Tell your own story with the classic ‘Brothers In Arms’

Inspired by the Falklands War, this painting mirrors the unique video clip of the song with a sketch like style and sombre vibes. A classic artwork that not only reminds us about historical events, but also makes us appreciate what we have today.

I Love Rock n Roll, Joan Jett

art ideas inspired by rock n roll
Unleash your inner rock beast with ‘I Love Rock N Roll’

This version of the popular rock track was a cover and has been touted as one of the most successful covers in history. The film clip had to be released in black in white because the garishness of Joan’s red leather suit clashed with all the surrounding colours. Does it get more rock and roll than that?

Lady Marmalade, Patti Labelle

bright art ideas
Add a slice of summer to your decor with ‘Lady Marmalade’

This glamorous party anthem taught several generations a whole sentence of French! The risqué song was revived again in 2001 for the hit movie, Moulin Rouge.

Get your own piece of fun summer art and gitchie, gitchie, da-da your decor with vibrant prints that add a pop of cheerful colour.

Boogie Nights, Heatwave

art ideas inspired by disco
Throw a party on your walls with legendary ‘Boogie Nights’

Heavily symbolic of the beloved seventies disco era, this track was penned by Rod Temperton, who also claimed such hits as Thriller, Off the Wall and many more.

Dust off your flares and relive your disco fever days with this dynamic retro print – guaranteed to have you busting a move every time you walk past. In fact, we bet you’re humming the tune right now…

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