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Life In Focus: 15 Popular Photography Themes

Life In Focus: 15 Popular Photography Themes

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, William Morris.

There are so many photography themes that you can embrace and uplevel your style. The wonder of photography in interior design is that it brings all the beauty and detail of the world for you to enjoy at home each and every day.

Photography is one of the most eclectic forms of art, a crowd pleaser in the truest sense of the word in that there’s something for every taste under the sun. And it’s a popular art too, with over forty million people practicing photography in the US alone.

Are you keen to start focusing on what’s important in life? Join us as we take a tour of some of the most popular photography themes such as black and white photography, contemporary photography, travel photography, flower photography, landscape photography and more.

1. Architectural photography

Architectural photography is not just for lovers of buildings, structures and towns, it’s also for those who adore abstractionism. Step outside the classic landscape as a whole new world of awe opens up before your eyes.

Architeture Photography Themes

NEW WORLD: The Lighthouse Staircase is a work of abstract, architectural art that will delight and excite a home.

2. Monochrome photography

Black and white photography can add a funky edge to a room’s interior, no matter how basic or elaborate the furnishings are. Monochrome is the quintessential high art, making it a wonderful way to excite a space. Don’t be fooled by the lack of colour as black and white photos can still add a lot of drama.

Black and White Photography Themes

EDGY: Funk up a simple space with a moody monochrome print like Old Pier Silhouette.

3. Urban life photography

Animate a room with vibrant art photography. Whether the image is literal or surreal, there is something sassy about photography that pokes fun at urban life and captures urbanites about their daily business.

Urban Photography Themes

SASSY: Shibuya Rain adds fun, urban style to this boho chic interior.

4. Sunset photography

We can’t all live by the water but we can bring a bit of that lifestyle into our home. Sunsets are that magical piece of nature that not only lights up the sky but it offers a striking art piece for any way that can be admired by people of all ages.

Sunset and Sunrise Photography Themes

MAGICAL: Make a statement with Sunset Bridge and light up a room.

5. Waterfall photography

Transform a cold, lifeless space to something warm and alive using waterfall photography, courtesy of mother nature and all her green goodness.

Water Photography Themes

WARMTH: A photographic print like Russell Falls Creek, Tasmania will give a living room a breath of fresh air.

6. Food photography

Inspire healthy eating and living by creating a fun, fresh home full of delicious colour thanks to food photography. Love your goodies? Then opt for delicious meal and dessert photography, all completely guilt free.

Food Photography Themes

FRESH: Sour Cherry is a feast for the eyes, something that will add colour to a kitchen or dining space.

7. Vintage photography

Many like to assume something that’s vintage is either old or old fashioned but there’s nothing stuffy about vintage photography. It simply takes the best of the best from an era to include as a focal feature in a room for class and warmth.

Vintage Photography Themes

CLASSY: This gorgeous vintage marine Magnifying Time print is elegant in its comeliness.

8. Travel photography

Whether it’s to help inspire or to help remember or share with like minded people, travel photography is a terrific way to combine art and adventure for a home that will satisfy your wanderlust. There’s a whole wide world out there and it pays to bring it in to your home.

Travel Photography Themes

INSPIRE: Channel the experience of Europe with this colourful Venice Cityscape photography print.

9. Reflective photography

Everyone loves marvelling at reflections and professional photographers have the knack to capture them for posterity. Use colours from nature in your photography themes to design a home that will make you feel part of rather than separate from the world outside.

Photography Themes Reflections

MARVELLOUS: This stunning Sunset Tree Silhouette is the perfect complement to this contemporary interior design.

10. Beach photography

Enthrall your wall with a beach bliss bomb full of brilliant blues and sandy neutrals; a colour scheme that adds a sense of space and serenity to a room. Beach photography is a much loved photography theme by the world over but especially Australians as we embrace the awesome that is beach culture.

Beach Photography Themes

BLISS BOMB: It doesn’t get any better than The Perfect Beach print, a popular way to create a relaxed zone.

11. Surrealist photography

Surrealist photography isn’t for everyone but it’s a popular choice for those who love to create spaces that are a bit different and unique. Give your home a talking point with eclectic photographic art that combines the real and the imagined.

Surreal Photography Themes

ECLECTIC: The Green Tree, with its monochrome and green contrast elements, makes a terrific talking point.

12. Storm photography

Boom. Crash. Storm art! While you’re (hopefully) safe from the impacts of a wild storm, photographers are out there chasing them. And thank goodness for that. The passion, skill and commitment that storm chasing photographers demonstrate all culminates in one thing: results that can be striking (forgive the pun!).

Storm Photography Themes

WILD: Give a quaint space a powerful appeal with this Dramatic Storm Seascape print.

13. Sports photography

Sports photography is a perfect way to individualise any room in the house, whether it’s a boy’s room, girl’s room, man cave or woman’s retreat. It also has the added bonus of inspiring them to pursue their love of their chosen sport or activity. Choose something they love and find an exhilarating shot to wow hearts and minds.

Sport Photography Themes

WOW: Sports prints like Freestyle Tricks are designed to excite and inspire, a great addition for a child’s room.

14. Flower photography

Flower art can help inspire passion and romance using red, beguile using purple or fascinate using pastel pink. Whatever your colour choice, floral photography— unlike its real life muse— lives on and on. Almost everybody loves flowers and with such an array of colours, scents and shapes it’s easy to see why they are said to be genuinely beneficial for mental health and wellbeing as well as deeply symbolic. Pick your perfect bouquet.

Flower Photography Themes

ROMANTIC: Put passion into your interior design with this floral photographic print, Red Dahlia Delight.

15. Forest photography

As mentioned, photos from nature are majestic, especially when the evergreen aspect of a forest is captured. Whether it’s a vast tree tunnel or a colourful close up, forest photography brings the best of the outside world in. Forests are an interior design winner for both home and office environments.

Forest Photography Themes

CAPTIVATE: This Dazzling Forest tree tunnel will breathe new life into a tired office space.


With an array of photography themes to ponder on, there is the perfect one (or two) for your home or office decor. Shop now.

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