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Make A Splash: 14 Watercolour Painting Ideas

Make A Splash: 14 Watercolour Painting Ideas

The important and fascinating thing to know when seeking inspirational watercolour painting ideas for your next interior design project is that watercolours aren’t just a trend.

In fact, when it comes to trends, watercolours are one of the oldest crowdpleasers around with the style discovered by Western artists in the 1400s.

Prior to that, primitive humans mixed colourful pigments with water to create cave paintings using their fingers, bones and sticks. Of course there’s also plenty of examples of watercolours in Ancient Egypt, China, Japan, India and Persia to name but a few.

It took a while for watercolour painting to find its place in the art world due to the scarcity of paper and water. However, once both items became mass produced any artist was able to take advantage of the beauty of this technique.

Today, we get to enjoy a variety of watercolour prints across a vast spectrum of design genres from classic to contemporary and interior colours from pastels to brights.

Ready to make a splash in your own home?

Awesome Animals

When it comes to watercolour paintings of animals there’s something about the use of colour that seems to satisfy more than just our eyes.

We can almost hear the sound of the bird chirping, the chameleon rustling and the fish splashing.

We can feel a sense of calm and contentment by having some extraordinary creatures so close to us. That’s the power of watercolour.

1. Bird song

Watercolour Painting Ideas

TAKE FLIGHT: Fill your room with beautiful bird songs with this ‘Pretty Passerine’ print.

2. Joy of colour

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Chameleon

HIDDEN TREASURE: ‘Colourful Chameleon’ will surprise a room with a gorgeous rainbow of colour.

3. Splash out

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Fish

BURST OF ENERGY: Give life to a bathroom setting with this well suited ‘Watercolour Goldfish’ print.

Sensational Seasons

Enjoy four seasons in one day – every day – by choosing a different mood for each room in the house. Whether you’re looking to create warmth and excitement or a space that’s crisp and cool, you’ll find a watercolour to suit.

Often when we think of watercolours we think of soft, washed out pastels (which is also totally fine!), but it’s more than this, particularly when it comes to more contemporary artworks.

The outside world is a watercolour artist’s muse, so you can enjoy florals, trees, forests and cityscapes indoors. While the poppy artwork, below, is soft and subtle, the ‘Four Seasons Tree’ absolutely pops with bright colours.

4. Autumn daze

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Autumn

FALL IN LOVE: Go for a romantic walk through exquisite city streets with this sublime ‘Autumn In The City’ watercolour.

5. Perfect poppies

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Poppies

SWEET SUBTLETY: This elegant ‘Watercolour Poppies’ print is a bestseller for a reason – it’s perfect.

6. Four seasons in one day

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Tree

LIFT SPIRITS: Delight in enjoying this glorious ‘Four Seasons Tree’ each and every day.

7. Winter wonderland

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Winter

SO COOL: Grey and mauve work so well together making this ‘Winter Silhouettes’ watercolour print the perfect complement to this contemporary decor.

Bright And Cheery

Make your home pop in a rainbow of brilliant hues with watercolour prints that provide a fun, fresh feel.

Lift a neutral decor with a splash of colour or experiment with colour contrasting.

These watercolours are not for the faint hearted. They’re for those who love to live a little. They’re for those who love to laugh a little. They’re for those who love to make an impression.

8. Wonderlust

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Map

LIVE A LITTLE: Satisfy your wonderlust and plan your next adventure with this enticing ‘Rainbow Watercolour World Map’ print.

9. Sassy cityscape

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Melbourne

EXCITING: Celebrate city life with ‘Melbourne Skyline Watercolour’, a splash of colour in an otherwise neutral decor.

10. Tropical twinning

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Tropical

BLISS: This twin set of watercolour ‘Paradise Leaves’ prints is a joyous complement to the greenery decor.

11. Flashy fashionista

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Vogue

GLAMOUROUS: Who knew a watercolour print could provide so much sass? ‘In Vogue’ will razzle dazzle a bedroom.

Soft And Stylish

Reign in the excitement a little and instead add grace and style with a classic, softer combination of watercolour art and decoration.

From the feminine to the masculine, these ideas below show that watercolour is for everyone. Enjoy purple on purple, feather art in all the blues, and a stunning citrus ensemble.

Soft doesn’t mean boring. Soft doesn’t mean sissy. Soft can be as daring, as bold and as spirited as any other watercolour style.

12. Purple on purple

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Asleep

FEMININE CHARM: This ‘Asleep In The Meadow’ print adds softness to a decor that has strong lines.

13. Blokey blues

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Feather

MASCULINE LURE: Use an off-beat print like ‘Feather Me Blue’ to give a homely feel to a practical decor.

14. Soft citrus

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Rain

TRANQUIL: The colours in ‘Umbrellas In The Rain’ bring charm and calm to a space, perfect for a reading room.

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