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Wall Of Sound: You Can’t Stop The Music Art

Wall Of Sound: You Can't Stop The Music Art

You can’t stop the music art. Nobody can stop the music art. And why would we want to?

Music is soul food and art inspired by music can provide a wall of sound in our living spaces, feeding many of our emotions: happiness, sorrow, comfort, loss.

No matter what mood you’re seeking to convey or what musical genre you’re into, these 13 ideas will help get those creative juices flowing.

Everyone loves music, right? And everyone loves art. So it’s really just a matter of exploring the different styles to find one that suits your own individual taste. It’s time to take a walk on the wild side.

1. Rock

Let’s rock wall art! No longer the sole domain of teenage boys, rock out with sophisticated rock art. Give an edge to an otherwise minimalist living space. It’s certainly much easier these days to find room on the wall with less space taken up with CD storage units.

Music Art - Rock

ROCK ON: This monochrome photographic art piece ‘Guitar Rock’ oozes cool.

2. Jazz

“Come on babe why don’t we paint the town. And all that jazz.” – Chicago

Play fast and loose with a jazz art print. Add sass to a room with a click of the fingers and the sultry sound of a sax.

Music Art - Jazz

LET LOOSE: This ‘All That Jazz’ art print will give you a spring in your step every time you walk down the hall.

3. Blues

Those who love the blues know that it’s not about getting you down, it’s about lifting you up. Add some brass to your living space and, of course, various shades of blue to your decor.

Music Art - Blues

MOODY BLUES: You can never have too much blue in your decor, so add ‘Saxophone Blues’ to complete the look.

4. Hip Hop

Walk this way! Talk this way! If you’re hip to the groove then go for this fun, colourful urban art style. This is a great style for teenage bedrooms or workplaces looking to create a cool vibe.

Music Art - Hip Hop

GOOD RAP: Add colour and life to a room with this ‘For The Love Of Music’ graff print.

5. Folk

Folk music is definitely a broad genre, but whether you’re into traditional or contemporary or anywhere in between, folk art can bring class to a room or bring out the class that’s already there.

Music Art - Folk

FOLKSY: Create a fabulous, feminine room with ‘The Solo Violinist’.

6. Classical

Apparently listening to classical music makes your brain work better, calm you down, reduce pain and help you express your emotions. While musical classical art certainly can’t claim all of that, it can soften a room and give it a calming ambience. Just add classical music and you’re set.

Music Art - Classical

ALL CLASS: This elegant ‘The Girl And The Violin’ print gives a bedroom a modish touch.

7. Experimental

Step outside the musical square and discover an eclectic style of art and music that, combined, will pop on a wall. Transform your living space into the talk of the town with modern, experimental, musical art.

Music Art - Experimental

OFF BEAT: Spice up a living space with ‘Music Night’, an art piece that epitomises experimentalism.

8. Swing

Cool is subjective, but swing was once the coolest kid on the block. Bring cool back with musical wall art that complements your colour scheme. Transform modest into magical with one perfectly mounted work of art.

Music Art - Swing

RIGHT ON: It doesn’t get cooler than ‘New York Blues’, so get your groove on with red, white and black.

9. Strings

Let the beauty of an instrument shine with an art photography piece that captures a musical masterpiece in all its glory.

Music Art - Strings

GLORIOUS: This ‘Cello Silhouette’ transforms this beautiful musical instrument into a work of art.

10. 1920s

Channel the spirit of The Great Gatsby with 1920s art that reflects the music of the era. Think the Charleston, Puttin’ On The Ritz and The Codfish Ball. Get your dancing shoes on and party all night long.

Music Art - 20s

UPTOWN GIRL: Get ready to carouse after adding this ‘Vintage Gramophone’ print to your high class decor.

11. 1930s

Men aren’t the only ones who can croon, so if you love female crooners – jazz singers from the 1930s – then give yourself a sultry dose of croon-worthy monochrome art, wonderful for hallways, women’s retreats and offices.

Music Art - 30s

SULTRY: Create a vintage style look in an instant with this monochrome and red print, ‘A Bygone Era’.

12. 1960s

Retro baby yeah! Go Austin Powers psychedelic or something a tad classier like this vintage style decor complete with Andy Warhol inspired LP print.

Music Art - 60s

NOSTALGIA: Remember the good old days with this lively ‘Retro Vinyl Records’ print.

13. 1970s

1990s is now considered retro. Scary isn’t it? But if you agree that the ‘real retro’ is the 1960s and 1970s then you’ll agree that this funky guitar print is all that’s needed to shift a room from mundane to marvellous.

Music Art - 70s

STRUM AWAY: This ‘Retro Guitars’ print celebrates the artistry that is the guitar.


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