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Reflection, colour and luxury – year round Easter art

Reflection on year round Easter art

Steeped in history and celebration, Easter art can really add a contemplative and reflective nature to any room.

As the oldest Christian tradition, Easter is that special time of year where we get the chance to pause and reflect on how grateful we can be for life and its blessings and a genuine opportunity to connect with family. Easter traditions have been around for thousands of years and even chocolate eggs have been part of the celebration since 1873. That’s a long time for us to be gifting and eating chocolate!

Before you dismiss Easter art as just being pictures of eggs and chicks, explore an array of inspiring and adorable art prints that not only look great all year round but make for plenty of self reflection. Plus, they can make exceptionally thoughtful Easter gifts if you’re sick of handing out chocolate year after year.

Easter facts: did you know the biggest Easter egg ever made, in Italy in 2011, weighed 7200 kilograms?

Easter art for the lover of things spiritual

You don’t have to visit a church to have meaningful and spiritual art in your life. And you might be surprised just how well it fits your current décor.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper is one of the most famous pieces of easter art

ULTIMATE GATHERING: get together like it may never happen again

This classic depiction is one of the most famous pieces of art in history. It adds a meaningful story to any area and can contribute to family and community atmospheres and encourage celebration and maybe even put a stop to all that bickering at the dinner table!


Golden rays shining down on a cross makes for great Easter art

WITH GREAT POWER: comes great reflection

Faith is a subtle, yet powerful, print that has a way of reminding you that you are always connected and can guide you through both good and bad times. It goes really well with most décor and makes for a really refined piece.

Easter facts: The story of Easter Bunny hiding eggs in the garden is said to originate from as far back as 1680.

Easter art for the lover of all things floral

A colourful floral print is the bunch of flowers that you never have to throw out! Flowers are not only a solid reminder of the beauty to be found in nature but offer the onlooker a sense of peace and hope.

Budding violet

Easter art - a bunch of purple violets

STRIKE A POSY: a bunch of beautiful budding violets

The budding violet print is a striking piece to add colour to any wall. According to folklore, the violet is said to portray the delicate nature of love and it holds quite a lot of symbolic meaning in Christianity and makes an exceptional gift around Easter time.

Gerbera and tulips

Get floral with easter art

SUNGLASSES REQUIRED: the brightest bunch of them all

Ideal for the lovers of brightness and cheeriness, this arresting print is better than a real flower bouquet. Not only is it guaranteed to cheer anyone up but this print will look great all year round.

Two chic birds

This two birds print makes an excellent Easter art gift

TWO SWEET BIRDS: chirper’s delight

With the slightest touch of whimsy and romance, this joyful print reminds us of the new life that is part of the Easter tale. Delightfully, small songbirds, like these, play a significant part in the symbology of Easter time and they allude to the resurrection and arising of Jesus which is where the tradition of Easter was born.

Easter art for the lover of bunnies

There’s one thing that sticks out about Easter and it’s that fluffy dude that hides Easter eggs in our homes and backyards: the Easter Bunny. Bunnies are an adorable way to celebrate, keep children entertained and are loved by many.

Rabbit and chick

Easter art - chick and bunny are the best of friends

BEST FRIENDS: the cutest pair of friends

This cartoon style bunny (with an adorable chick on his head) will encourage smiles all round. It looks just like it could be a page from your favourite children’s book.

Float away

Easter art - Bunny floating through the air

MAKE A WISH: get carried away

For lovers of whimsy and stories, this sweet print depicts a happy bunny floating through the air and encourages us to follow our wishful thinking!

Spring bunnies

Easter art - Three cute bunnies in a sunny field

TIMES THREE: nose twitchingly cute

Easter time hints that winter is just around the corner but it doesn’t mean that you can’t daydream about the new life, warmth and beauty that spring brings. Keep the daydream alive with these three cute bunnies.

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Easter art for the lover of treats


Easter art - a bunch of brightly coloured Easter eggs

EGGSELLENT: brighten up any time of year

Just like the name suggests, this print is an extraordinary riot of colour filled with fun, decorative Easter eggs reminding us of one of the most enjoyable and delightful aspects of the Christian celebration.

Vintage chocolate

Yummy chocolate as vintage style easter art

TRADITION: what’s Easter without chocolate?

Retro vibes and delicious chocolate provide a nostalgic sense of intrigue that is not only on trend but reminds us of the universal appeal of the beloved wonder that is chocolate!

Easter facts: Easter was named from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre.


Chocolatey easter art

MOUTH WATERING: try sticking to a diet with this print

What is more tempting than a picture of all the yummiest chocolate? Not much! This is a real appetite stimulator and is a truly decadent treat without all the calories! It also adds rich, earthy tones and complements any dining area.

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