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Why Hamptons style is perfect for casual coastal living

hamptons style

Want to feel like you’re on holiday all the time? Hamptons style has been rapidly gaining in popularity for its light and breezy feel – a refreshing update for any home.

The Hamptons are a super popular seaside resort made up of villages and luxury accommodation spots in New York state. And now, their chicness and flair have made their way to homes across the world.

What was once a style filled with clichéd seaside objects and tacky nautical motifs, this fresh approach takes the best parts of coastal living and modern interior design without overdoing it. Think of the style as coastal inspired mixed up with a crisp white linen feel. Whilst the key design features are a colour palette of white with strokes of cobalt blue you can also expect a light and breezy ambience complemented by items found on the beach or in a seaside village.

Despite the carefree feel, it still portrays elegance and hints at the understated affluence of the homeowner, making it a sought after and much talked about interior design style. And, when done right, it can work just as well in any home— rural estate, inner city apartment or suburban dwelling— as effectively as it works in a beachside home.

Find out how to bring the key features home to enjoy a fresh Hamptons style every single day.

Blue is your beau

In addition to the signature crisp whiteness found absolutely everywhere in Hamptons style, cobalt, primary or nautical blue is the crucial accent colour.

hamptons style colour

‘Orchid Blue’ is the perfect way to add that Hamptons style blue

You can incorporate this essential colour aspect with bold stripes, cushions, oversized vases, ornamental hurricane lamps and coastal accents such as shells, starfish, coral and other nautical themed objects. And don’t forget to hang some beach house art to really cement the look.

hamptons style decor

Incorporate the celebrity vibe into your home with ‘Miami Beach Palms’

Chinoiserie items in blue and white – think ginger jars, teapots and ornamental plates – are another effortless way to incorporate the trademark blue and soften the crispy whiteness.

Decor idea to try: A bunch of blue hydrangeas, dahlias or agapanthus make the perfect complementary touch.

hamptons style beach house

Heal the soul with ‘Saltwater Cures Everything’

The key piece

Undoubtedly, the hallmark feature of Hamptons style is an overstuffed white couch. The bigger and more satisfying the couch is, the more on trend it will be.

hamptons style couch

Image credit: Living Room Ideas

In addition to the white couch, consider ottomans, sideboards, occasional tables and coffee tables as must haves for every relaxing room in the house.

hamptons style couch

Image credit: Spiri Decor

Decor idea to try: add a white slipcover over a chaise to give it a fresh look that can be cleaned and kept pristine with ease.

You wood love this

Hamptons style delicately pulls from the colours naturally found in driftwood. You’ll see them in the timber floorboards, sideboards or cupboards. Often, a Hamptons style home will also show off exposed ceiling beams celebrating these natural hues.

hamptons style deck

Image credit: Driftwood Decor

And any Hamptons style would not be complete without a piece of artfully placed driftwood, keeping the connection to the fresh, coastal outdoors.

hamptons style furniture

Add a subtle, carefree element to any room with ‘Following The Birds’

Decor idea to try: If driftwood is not your thing but you still want to retain the seaside influence, try incorporating thick rope as design accents: to tie back curtains, hang pot plants or shelves or to line mirrors. Or go a step further and bring in macramé art!

Go to the bathroom

You may think that Hamptons style is just for the main living areas but you can also extend it to the bathroom. In fact, it’s one of the best interior styles for incorporating throughout the entire house, including the laundry and/or mudroom.

hamptons style bathroom

There are many elements that you can include in your bathroom to keep the coastal theme running. Opt for shaker style doors, timber Venetian blinds, traditional wall sconces, classic mirrors and country homestead tapware in white or black.

modern hamptons style bathroom

Image credit: Perini

Steer away from anything exceedingly contemporary and ensure you have windows that capture the beach view, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Don’t forget to pick a designer white throughout this oft neglected room and enhance it with reflective marble countertops or tiles.

Decor idea to try: Capture the vibe with soothing coastal art. Yes, even for the bathroom!

hamptons style artwork

Create a new way of living with ‘Life On The Beach’

Wicked wicker

It wouldn’t be Hamptons style without a rattan basket! Buy a cluster of them in different shapes and sizes: for the floor, a tiny one for the bench to keep your keys in and a large one to stow unused throw rugs and cushions. Top tip – the softness of watercolour paintings complements this type of furniture perfectly.

hamptons style rattan

Keep fresh with ‘Past The Beach’

Rattan is the ideal material for single chairs, low coffee tables and even pendant light shades. Or opt for the natural fibres of a jute or sisal floor rug, in sand and stone shades, for a rustic edge.

rattan in a hamptons style home

Image credit:

If you’re stuck on the charisma of unbroken white, go for painted wicker to complete your “white on white” look!

Decor idea to try: Why not incorporate a rattan bar cart?

Blinded by the white

Cupboards, floorboards, walls, ceilings, linen, furniture… everything has to be white and the cleaner the white, the better!

White is synonymous with harmony, peace, cleanliness and, most certainly, freedom. It also adds a sense of space and highlights, which make rooms appear larger. And this is certainly a decor style that absolutely capitalises on that.

hamptons style lounge room

Image credit: Oubiu

In addition to louvred buffets and pendant lighting, white finishings – such as doorknobs, tapware and ornaments – are the way to go.

Of course, if you’re addicted to colour you can still add your own touches to the Hamptons style. But with such a classic and appealing aesthetic, you might be inclined to stick to the rule book. Opt for low sheen finishes in vivid white, wicker white, natural white, designer white and absolute white.

Decor idea to try: Glass fronted cabinets work tremendously with a white colour palette.

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