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12 easy home decor ideas on a budget

home decor ideas on a budget

Who among us isn’t triple checking our bank statements and telling ourselves to cut back on spending? Somehow, it doesn’t stop us wanting to revamp our home and enjoy a fresh new look though.

But don’t worry – it is possible to make changes without spending a fortune! To maximise your bang for buck, try these easy home decor ideas on a budget and see how far your two cents can take you.

1. Paint

painting home decor ideas on a budget
LOW-KEY RESTYLING: can be ‘As Soft As Spring’

One of the most obvious suggestions to revamp a tired space is to track down the paintbrushes and try a new colour. If that’s a little too daring for you, even a fresh coat of an existing colour could give the room new life!

Tip: use a paint calculator to avoid buying more paint than you need.

2. Linen and throws

interior home decor ideas on a budget
GET COSY: on a budget with ‘Come Away With Me’

Buying new linen or throw rugs is an instant “cosy hit” in any space. Without busting your budget, this is a great quick fix that can be mixed and matched as desired.

Tip: If you’re handy with a sewing machine, buy a couple of flat sheets and sew together to create your own custom doona cover.

3. Cushions

home decor ideas on a budget for cushions
CUSHION MATCH: with ‘Pushing Up Daisies’

Just like new linen, fresh cushions can really elevate an old look. An array of textures, colours and sizes will lend depth and personality to a living space or bedroom and will always be super simple to style.

Tip: Be sure to identify your colour palette before you purchase cushions so you know exactly what to buy – careful consideration is key!

4. Artwork

artwork and home decor ideas on a budget
AFFORDABLY HYPNOTISING: thanks to ‘Enchantment’

For a true feel-good factor, try hanging some new art. Good art can be totally affordable and the way it lifts or ties together a room is undeniable. Abstract art is a handy way to update a room with some new colours and won’t date, so you can keep your room’s look fresher for longer.

Tip: Find some abstract art ideas that perfectly complement your personality type, so your room will feel more like you and get you the most bang for your buck.

5. Floor rug

home decor ideas on a budget flooring

For a small investment you can liven up your favourite room in the house with a fun new rug or mat. Choose one with a hint of colour that will brighten up your surroundings— sky blue, citrus orange, or daisy yellow can all refresh your style from the ground up.

Tip: It might sound obvious to recommend you keep your place clean but often we’re so busy we can neglect the basics. Have your carpet, rug or flooring steam cleaned and notice the fresh new difference it makes.

6. Lighting

lighting home decor ideas on a budget
HIGHLIGHT FOR LESS: ‘Soft Bloom’ complements feature lighting

Got a gloomy room? Incorporating funky lighting options can revitalise an area with the flick of a switch and it’s one of those great decor ideas you can use even if you are renting and on a budget.

Tip: Rather than choosing the same type, try mixing and matching with an arrangement of pedant lighting to create levels of intrigue.

7. Indoor plants

home decor ideas on a budget with plants
BRING THE OUTSIDE IN: and wander ‘Into The Woods’

There are so many health and aesthetic benefits to indoor plants, you really can’t go wrong with adding them as part of your home decor. Against either a neutral or colourful background, they still seem to pop with an added sense of vitality. Substituting with nature photography can be another low cost and fuss free way to lighten your space – no green thumb needed!

Tip: Seek cuttings from family and friends for a no cost option or you might even have something growing in your garden that also grows well indoors. Don’t forget community online sales forums such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for cheap plants.

8. Feature wall

bedroom home decor ideas on a budget
BETTER BUDGETING: really is the ‘Crux Of The Matter’

For just the cost of a tin of paint (and a little time) you can add a new level of depth to your decor. Choosing a bold colour, like the confident blue above, can give you maximum impact for minimum dollars.

Tip: If you don’t want to paint a whole wall, why not create a fuss-free feature by hanging large wall art instead.

9. Outdoor materials

handy home decor ideas on a budget
BRING HOME: the outdoor vibe with ‘Rocks And Pine Tree’

Often you can grab furniture made from wood or wicker that is intended for outdoor use but still suits your indoor decor. Not only is this type of furniture often more affordable, its durability will help it last for longer.

Tip: Wait for the sales or check out garage sales to discover second hand gems that make unique additions to your home. Painting one third of wood furniture or ornaments white or charcoal grey can give eclectic pieces a sense of unity and complement your decor nicely.

10. Upcycle

vintage home decor ideas on a budget
BUDGET BETTER: ‘In Courtly Fashion’

The internet is abuzz with upcycling home decor ideas on a budget. The repurposing period has well and truly hit and has positives for your pocket as well as the sustainability of our planet. From something as simple as a wooden ladder used as a towel rack to something as complex as an old toy car light fixture, upcycling is as fun as it is cost effective.

Tip: Don’t deviate too much from the original era of the piece you’re upcycling to ensure it will complement your existing decor, rather than clash. Consider adding some vintage art to pull the look together.

11. Rearrange

easy home decor ideas on a budget
STUFF OF LEGENDS: upstyle your home with ‘Persephone’

Something you can do quickly over a weekend without spending a cent, is to rearrange a room (or several). Artfully placing furniture can open up a whole new space and give your room a fresh feel. Bring in a table from another room or swap over the floor rugs and enjoy the sea change!

Tip: Take it a step further and optimise the room for energy flow with these Feng Shui tips.


minimalism home decor ideas on a budget
KEEP IT TOGETHER: let ‘Unravelling Rhino’ be the only distraction

Another quick and free way to improve how you feel at home is to embrace minimalism. Donate or throw out anything you haven’t used in a year, items that take up too much space or stuff you’re not completely in love with.

Tip: A neutral or white colour palette will really lend itself to a minimalist or decluttered home.

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