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Bellissimo! Design In Style With Italian Art

Bellissimo! Design In Style With Italian Art

Veni. Vidi. Amavi. We came. We saw. We loved.

From classic to contemporary, Italy has it all when it comes to art and culture.

Whether this heart-thumping, soul-stirring country is on your bucket list as a travel destination or an experience you’ve already ticked off, decorating your home with Italian art will enliven and inspire.

Join us on an armchair tour of the best of Italy as we discover ancient architecture, beautiful natural landscapes, the magic of Venice and ‘La Bella Vita’ meaning the beautiful life or ‘good life’.

Design in style, the Italian way – generous, fashionable, sunny, communicative, dramatic and passionate. Bellissimo!

Be Enthralled By Ancient Architecture

This culturally rich country is a beauty to behold from the UNESCO-protected city of Florence (the birthplace of the Renaissance movement) to the capital Rome – The Eternal City – steeped in history.

Vespas are not just a stereotype, but a way of life – the best way to travel along Italy’s ancient, narrow, cobblestone city streets.

The Colosseum is in every way a monument to Rome while Venice, in addition to unique canal style living, is a treasure trove of Venetian Gothic architecture combining Gothic lancet arches with Moorish and Byzantine influences.

1. Vespa views

Italian Art - Vespa

WAY OF LIFE: This ‘Vespa In The Old Village’ photo print is quintessential Italy, perfect for a retro decor.

2. Waterfront door

Italian Art - Doorway

WATERFRONT: Celebrate the sinking city with this colourful, quaint ‘Doorway To Venice’ print.

3. Colosseum drama

Italian Art - Colosseum

BLACK AND WHITE BEAUTY: Add edge to a room with this monochrome ‘Colosseum In Rome, Italy’ photo print.

Be Seduced By ‘La Bella Vita’

It doesn’t get any better than a good cup of coffee, an al fresco lunch, a stroll down a Tuscan terrace or a cliff-clinging drive along the Swiss Alps.

To recreate that feeling of ‘la bella vita’ or ‘the good life’, decorate a room with a work of seduction, courtesy of Italy.

Enjoy the sensation of Summer all year round with works of art that will make you feel alive, each and every day. Want more Interior Design 101? Check out these tips on how to hang pictures.

4. Retro reflections

Italian Art - Retro

ALIVE: Channel the speed and excitement of the mountains with this spirited retro ‘Travel Italy’ print.

5. Al fresco dining

Italian Art - Fresco

PASSIONATE: Live life to the fullest with ‘Al Fresco’, a feast for the eyes.

6. The art of coffee

Italian Art - Espresso

SIMPLY THE BEST: Revel in the best of coffee with ‘Espresso’, the perfect print to adorn a breakfast table.

7. Sublime Summer scenes

Italian Art - Courtyard

SUNNY: This bright, happy ‘Summer On The Terrace’ print works superbly with a citrus and green decor.

Be Enchanted By The Love Of The Land

Italy may be known for its ancient cities, galleries, museums, art and fashion, but it is not without its fair share of natural wonders.

In fact, its landscape is quite diverse including high snow-capped mountains, green valleys with rolling hills, and seaside escapes with crystal clear waters.

This makes for an eclectic collection of possibilities for interior design – compelling, restorative and delicious!

8. Tuscany sunrise

Italian Art - Tuscany

COMPELLING: ‘Tuscany Sunrise’ is a first-class complement to this classic interior design.

9. Fresh from the farm

Italian Art - Olives

DELICIOUS: Invite the spirit of Italy into a home or cafe setting with ‘Tuscan Olives’.

10. Typical Tuscany

Italian Art - Farm

RESTORATIVE: Gaze into a special scene of serenity with this gorgeous ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ print.

Be Intoxicated By The Magic of Venice

Romance a bedroom, hallway and even an otherwise dull office space using art and photographic prints featuring all the magic of Venice.

Once the greatest seaport in late medieval Europe, Venice is architecturally and environmentally unique. According to¬†Encyclopaedia Britannica it ‘has been painted, photographed, and filmed to such an extent that it is difficult to distinguish the real city from its romantic representations.’

What this means is that it doesn’t matter how many beautiful photos and pictures we see of Venice – and there are many – visiting the city still provides many surprises.

Soak in the beauty and charm of Venice with a multitude of gondola painting and photographic prints or add excitement with a sublime Carnevale photograph. La serenissima!

11. In charming colour

Italian Art - Gondolas

GRACEFUL: Put a piece of peace into a home hallway with this glorious ‘Gondola Canal’ print.

12. The drama of Carnevale

Italian Art - Carnevale

DRAMA: Give a room a theatrical feel with this powerful ‘Carnevale Di Venezia’ photo print.

13. Canal life

Italian Art - Canal

CHARM: This ‘Bridge Over The Canal’ print is classic Venice through and through.

14. Gondola romance

Italian Art - Basilica

LA SERENISSIMA: Bring home a piece of the sublime with this gorgeous ‘Venice Gondola’ picture with the ancient basilica or ‘church’ in the background.

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