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Exquisite simplicity – the art of minimalist photography

minimalist photography

Minimalist photography offers a break from our overstimulated world and helps keep our lives and thoughts freer and more simplified. It also:

  • captures details we often miss
  • showcases the unusual
  • offers pleasing patterns
  • shows off clean leading lines and
  • draws in the eye.

Minimalist photography is also mighty in that it communicates messages powerfully.

The best part is that it provides different perspectives of objects, which gives you your own perspective on the work itself.

Like minimalist interior design, it focuses on using a minimum number of components such as colour, shape, line and texture. Minimalism is more than just an art form, it’s actually an entire philosophy, which is what makes it even more special.

Close up on composition

Minimalist photos often utilise macro photography: up close and personal on faces, animals, plants or objects.

There is simplicity to looking at things very close up. When we do so, it helps refine our mindfulness and concentration by paying attention to the details we often miss when our brains view something as a whole. Our minds are used to seeing something and translating it as a complete object.

‘Many of the neurons in the visual part of the brain respond specifically to edges orientated in a certain direction. From this, the brain builds up the shape of an object. Information about the features on the surface of an object, like colour and shading, provide further clues about its identity,’ Science Museum.

minimalist photography - plants

What do you see? Build your brain with ‘Abstract Agave’


minimalist photography

Slow down your world with ‘Blowing In The Night’


Minimalist photography of plants

Get up close and personal with ‘The Yellow Tulip’

Light and dark tones

Capturing the light and dark in an image so that it remains uncomplicated yet incredibly powerful is a genuine talent that few photographers can perfect.

minimalist photography in black and white

Capture all the beauty you miss with ‘Looking Up’

Thankfully, we’ve harvested a collection of stunning black and white photography that make use of minimalist photography techniques to add drama, style and elegance to any wall in your home.

minimalist photography

What do you see ‘Aside From The Tree’?


minimalist photography in mono

Create instant zen with ‘The Calm’


minimalist photography in monochrome

Bask in both the light and the dark with ‘Across The Fjord’

Strong lines to follow

If you’re a fan of architectural photography, then you’ll love minimalism applied to it. It captures the beautiful details and features that you might miss when you’re viewing a building, bridge or structure as a whole.

architectural minimalist photography

Reach for the stars with ‘Staircase To The Sky’

Strong leading lines and textural details create an element of drama in the final shot.

minimalist photography in architecture

Get dramatic with appealing ‘Urban Symmetry’


minimalist photography of buildings

Celebrate the strong lines of contemporary buildings with ‘High Rise’

Storytelling in nature

Nature provides us with so many gifts, not least the amazing array of scenes and landscapes that have a tale to tell.

minimalist photography

‘Across The Lake’ tells more than one story

Minimalist photography in nature works so well because of the striking colour, wide open spaces and the intrigue it offers. The true art lies in deciding what to leave out to compose the perfect balance between contrast, detail and mystery.

minimalist photography outdoors

‘On Top Of The Dune’ celebrates the power of colour contrast in nature


outdoor minimalist photography

Choose your own adventure with ‘Speedboat On Lake Argyle’

Contrasting colour for drama

Adding a partial colour effect is another technique used to intensify the power of minimalist photography. The idea is to highlight the focus of the shot using vivid colours whilst keeping the background muted or monochrome. The contrast is stark, eye catching and super dramatic.

minimalist photography in black and white

Get dark and moody with ‘Lighthouse In The Storm’


minimalist photography for the home

Simple and strong, ‘Reclaimed’ perfectly captures the tenacity of nature

Single and simple

Simplicity is an absolute must when it comes to minimalist photography. It’s what you omit that makes the image powerful, rather than what you capture. What may seem plain to the naked eye can make the most intriguing of photos…

minimalist photography art

Get ready to swoop with ‘Waiting Seagull’


unique minimalist photography

Enjoy minimalist photography at its best with ‘The Rock’


minimalist photography ideas

Retain your focus with ‘Alone In The Grain Field’

If you love the look of minimalist photography, why not bring it home with a stunning photographic print? The ultimate in simplistic style, the clean lines and strong form will add interest to any space and create a unique visual experience.


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