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Cosy up: feel-good grandmillennial decor style

Grandmillenial Decor Style

People in their twenties and thirties are embracing what was once their granny’s decor style and reclaiming it as a hip new take on home styling, known as grandmillennial or granny chic.

The style itself combines the comfort that we find at the end of a biscuit tin at our grandparents’ place with the sleek modern sensibilities that millennials and generation Z are famous for.

Home, warmth, respite and comfort are just some of the words that are closely associated with this wistful style. Where shabby chic evokes romance and whimsy, granny chic offers nostalgia with an emphasis on cosiness that you just can’t find in modern spaces.

Want to live in a grandmillennial world? So do we! Put the kettle on and read through to find out how.

Floral Flossy

home decor style
EARLY BIRD: gets the worm with ‘Barely There Banksia’

It would be remiss of us to discuss this rising trend without pointing out its main feature: florals, florals and more florals. That’s right, we’re bringing flower power back!

decor style with floral art
FEEL WARM: all year round with ‘Vintage Spring’

Granny chic doesn’t hesitate to go hard when it comes to clashing floral patterns; particularly a floral wallpaper mixed with floral art. It sounds icky yet it somehow works a treat, offering soft comfort and a subconscious security.

floral decor style
TAKE CARE: and feel the ‘Rose Leaf Love’

Even a small splash of chintz can add that feel good factor. And let’s face it, we all need a bit of that right now!

Retro Ruth

retro decor style
SIPPING IN STYLE: with ‘My Cup Of Tea’

This style is popular amongst those who love to entertain— whether it’s an intimate cuppa or a Saturday night dinner party. So there is a lot of attention paid to smaller details like napkins and napkin rings, drinkware and small bouquets of flowers around the home.

pink decor style
Image credit: Penny Pinching Bride

Quirky finds at op shops or flea markets, hat boxes, Queen Anne style furniture, and an array of mismatched retro cushions and vintage art create a ‘more the merrier’ vibe.

vintage decor style
OUTDOORS: never goes out of style with ‘Vintage Botanica’

Gorgeous delicate touches like floral tea sets and crockery, vintage mirrors and photo frames, typewriters, flour canisters and retro fans all give the grandmillennial style a golden days vibe.

decor style chandelier
Image credit: Laurel Home

Statement and ornate headboards and beds are also in favour again – a four poster bed might feel a bit lavish at first but is actually bang on trend. Plus, over the top chandeliers and lighting fixtures are a surefire way to update any room.

Kitschy Kay

decor style artwork
HEAR MUSIC: everyday with ‘Seraphim Symphony’

Think crochet, embroidery, knitted, handmade crafts and anything else that is a little ironic and could be considered tacky out of context. The kitschy details of tassels, fringing and ruffles, all lovingly placed, create a sense of cohesion.

granny decor style art
KEEP CHIRPING: with ‘When The Bluebird Sings’

Any quaint little item that offers interest will work, as well as cute sayings and quotes written and cross stitched on cushions and wall hangings.

Australiana decor style
REMAIN DELICATE: with ‘Pretty In Pink’

Don’t forget lovely soft touches like crocheted throw rugs and tablecloths can instantly elevate this look too.

Birds for Beryl

granny chic decor style
CREATE A BUZZ: with ‘Pink Flower Hummingbird’

If you remember lots of birds from your grandma’s decor, then you can take a leaf out of her book for this one. Whether they are intricate candleholders, art prints, teacup handles or charming figurines, birds are that delightful touch of whimsy that a tranquil home needs.

decor style art ideas
TIMELESS: ‘Turn Back Time’ is classically elegant

So spread your wings and feather your nest with pretty bird decor pieces to feel your spirits soar.

Patterned Patsy

retro inspired decor style
Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens

There’s room for boldness, beauty and colour in the grandmillennial home. An array of gingham, polka dots, rich velvets and, of course, multiple florals and pattern art can be used all together, at once!

‘Taking fringe, trim, chinoiserie, drapery, skirts on furniture, slipcovers, wallpaper—all of that–and updating them to be convenient for today’s 30-year-old is what grandmillennial style is all about, according to interior designer Becky Boyle. ‘

colourful decor style
Image credit: SWC Interiors

You might also like to introduce token pieces of wicker or cane. A small basket or flower pot can give texture and offer a break for the eyes between bright colours.

Grandmillennial decor style tips

grandmilliennial decor style
Image credit: Livingetc

It’s important to edit and filter through any new style to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Here are three tips to ensure that you nail grandmillennial style without going nauseatingly overboard:

  1. Be deliberate in the items that you choose. Just because it’s not a minimalist style doesn’t mean that you need to go heavy handed for the sake of it.
  2. Don’t neglect modern furniture and style items. Pick your ratio. Either two thirds one way and one third the other, rather than a fifty-fifty split to reduce confusion.
  3. If the high pink and lavender coloured proportions are too much for you or not to your taste, don’t forget that powder blue, muted lime and whites can really work well for the grandmillennial style.

If you’re thinking of grannying your place up, why not start with some pretty as a picture art prints.

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