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Feeling Swell: 15 Wonderful Wave Art Ideas

Feeling Swell: 15 Wonderful Wave Art Ideas

The wonder of waves is that they have an incredible ability to calm us and energise us, all at the same time. That’s one of the reasons we love relaxing by the ocean and having fun at the beach.

The wonder of wave art is that it gives you the opportunity to achieve that in your everyday life at home. And you don’t have to be a surfer to channel the benefits.

Feeling swell is more than about chasing the biggest wave. It’s about bringing that cool, calm and collected feel to an interior space – something that will lift the mood of a room without having to get wet.

Let your worries wash away with conceptual, photographic, mystical and retro wave art. Ready to ride the crest of design?

Conceptual Curves

Often when we think of wave art, our minds immediately turn to photographic art. However, to get started, let’s delve a little deeper and enjoy the cheery atmosphere a more conceptual approach can provide.

From classic blue to contemporary red, these ideas include modern twists and abstract turns, offering a bright, fun and creative range of options that will transform a room into something truly uplifting.

1. Beachy

Wave Art - Sea Art

CREATIVE: ‘Rough Seas’ is a work of beach art that will add colour and pizzazz to a living space.

2. Swirl

Wave Art - Swell

CURVY: Hang a wave abstract like ‘Sea Spray’ to give a room plenty of colour and energy.

3. Eyes Like The Ocean

Wave Art - Emotion

EYES HAVE IT: Make a splash with a watercolour like ‘Wave Of Emotion’, a strikingly surreal work.

4. Red Swell

Wave Art - Red

TWIST OF COLOUR: Give ocean blue a run for its money with this contemporary abstract, ‘Waves Of Red’.

Photographic Feels

Wave photography is a favourite of surf and ocean photographers and, for that, we thank them for their time, talent and passion.

These works capture all that is real and magnificent about our ocean and beach life, enabling us to bring a piece of that greatness into our home.

To energise a room, pair wave photography with matching splashes of colour in couches, cushions and rugs.

5. Beautiful Break

Wave Art - Barrel

ENERGISE: The ocean blues and sea greens of ‘Inside The Barrel’ perfectly complement this gorgeous teal couch.

6. Seagull’s View

Wave Art - Beach

CHILL OUT: Use the neutrals of the sand and the brights of the sea combined with this work ‘Feeling Swell’ to achieve a beautiful beach house style interior.

7. Boom Crash Opera

Wave Art - Lighthouse

HAUNTING: The powerful ‘Lighthouse In The Storm’ photo print will add mood to a matching modern grey and white decor.

8. Surf’s Up

Wave Art - Spray

FRESH: Lavish a neutral space with all the colour and energy it needs with this glorious ‘Crashing Down’ photo piece.

Mystical Curls

“The ocean calms my restless soul.”

Channelling your inner mermaid or merman will be easier than ever with these wave works that convey strength and beauty.

From ‘The Angry Wave’ which captures the masculine power of a wave (inspired by the famous piece by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai) to ‘Woman Against Nature’ which captures the feminine energy of the ocean, these mystical pieces will alter the mood of a room.

9. Wave Power

Wave Art - Japanese

POWERFUL: A nod to a famous art piece, ‘The Angry Wave’ will add a subtle strength to a living room decor.

10. Whale Of A Time

Wave Art - Whale

BIG SPLASH: ‘Dancing Whale’ is a fun, friendly, cartoony print that will give any room a super chilled, beachy feel.

11. Feminine Power

Wave Art - Woman

ROAR: This ferocious, but feminine wall art print ‘Woman Against Nature’ adds class and beauty to upmarket boho style.

Retro Set

Given the popularity of surf culture spiked in the 1950s and 60s, retro artists love using it as their muse drawing from the people, language, fashion and lifestyle of the day.

This, of course, includes Gidget girl inspired art alongside filtered photographic and cartoony works.

These retro pieces will enliven any living space, but will particularly funk up a teenager’s room, mancave or sheshed.

12. Serenity

Wave Art - Coastline

COOL: ‘Retro Shores’ with its sands and blues elegantly complements this easy-going blonde and white timber interior.

13. Pearl Girl

Wave Art - Ride

GOOD TIMES: ‘Ride The Wave’ is a lively playful piece that would suit a beach house, teenage girl’s room or sheshed.

14. Sunshiny Day

Wave Art - Sunshine

BRIGHT: It doesn’t get any more cheerful than this ‘Walking On Sunshine’ print, a fun way to perk up an office space.

15. Gidget Girls

Wave Art - Surfing

HAPPY: A delightful use of primary colours makes this ‘Deco Surf’ and office combo a fun feast for the eyes.

Already find yourself feeling swell? For more wonderful wave art ideas explore our diverse Beach Art and Beach House collections.

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