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Creativity is mysterious. Sometimes we wake up teeming with inspiration, other times we can’t think of a single thing that inspires us. You always have to be feeding your brain to keep the creative engine running; so here are some awesome art ideas to kick-start that engine today.

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Tropical
Art Ideas

Make A Splash: 14 Watercolour Painting Ideas

The important and fascinating thing to know when seeking inspirational watercolour painting ideas for your next interior design project is that watercolours aren’t just a trend. In fact, when it comes to trends, watercolours are one of the oldest…

Uplifting Quotes - Think
Art Ideas

13 Uplifting Quotes For A Shiny Happy New Year

Are you looking forward to starting your new year off right with uplifting sayings and a few inspirational quotes? There is no reason why you can’t make this year one that you’ll never forget and achieve all those goals that…

Abstract Art Ideas - Adventurer
Art Ideas

Abstract Art Ideas For Every Personality Type

There are few things more abstract than personality type tests. You know the deal. You’re sitting in a workplace team building day or attending a job interview, you diligently complete the test and the result: a/ draws absolutely no correlation…

Creative Art Ideas - Modern
Art Ideas

13 Weird And Wonderful Creative Art Ideas

‘To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong’ – Joseph Chilton Pearce Living a creative life often involves living without a fear of being wrong. You don’t have to create to be creative, but…

Cute Quotes - Stars
Art Ideas

12 Super Cute Quotes To Make Your Day

‘To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you,’ Tony Dorsett. Are you feeling a bit melancholy? Are you seeking motivation? These super cute quotes will help transform your mindset.…

Art Ideas For Kids - Pigs
Art Ideas

Free Their Minds: 14 Playful Art Ideas For Kids

It’s time to get serious about children’s art. For too long now, we’ve left it up to our instincts and impulses, giving little thought to the impacts it’s going to have on our children’s personal and intellectual development… Just kidding!…

Cool Art Ideas - Urban Umbrella
Art Ideas

Reclaim Your Space: 14 Cool Art Ideas

How do you know if you are cool? It’s such a subjective state of being, isn’t it? One person’s cool is the other person’s ‘What the … ?’ But some people simply ooze cool, don’t they? Think James Dean,…

Christmas Art Ideas - Scandanavian
Art Ideas

9 Christmas Art Ideas To Bring Festivity Home

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. – Edna Ferber A decade ago we would wander past retail front windows, celebrating the holiday season and searching for Christmas art ideas. We’d make an occasion of it – bring the family or join in with…

Quotes To Live By - Awesome
Art Ideas

Want To Win At Life? 24 Quotes To Live By

If you’re looking to reprogram your unconscious mind from negative to positive thinking, it pays to start looking at how you can enhance your surroundings at home. To get you started, we’ve selected a range of wall quotes to live…

Artwork Ideas - Matching Sets
Art Ideas

12 Artwork Ideas To Transform Your Space

You’ve make the decision to purchase 2-3 key statement pieces of artwork to decorate your home. Surely that’s where the fun starts, right? However, once you start looking online, you realise the decision-making process is actually quite tricky. Rather than a…

Quotes About Happiness - Believe
Art Ideas

15 Quotes About Happiness To Brighten Your Day

  We all want to be happy. That goes without saying! But a happy life doesn’t mean a life without sad or dark days. Tough times require resilience. Accepting happiness into our lives when the skies are blue, the trees are…