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Luxury interior design ideas: from hotel to home

interior design ideas

Who doesn’t love the absolute luxury of a hotel? Especially when it incorporates some of the best interior design ideas. The crisp sheets, room service, tiny bottles of shampoo. They all induce a feeling of pure relaxation and indulgence that can make it near impossible to leave.

If you’re a lover of luxury, these interior design ideas will help to create a hotel inspired decor in your own home, so you can live like you’re a rock star!

Corner the style with a corner chair

interior design ideas - corner chairs

Cap off the perfect luxury bedroom with a corner chair— a must in every hotel room!

The chair needs to look inviting, stick to a neutral colour palette and be cushion friendly. Singular, statement chairs work much better than pairs or an ordinary dining chair, so go all out.

interior design ideas with corner chairs

Luscious bedding

luxury bedroom interior design ideas

Create a sensory experience with luscious bedding! Isn’t that what staying in a hotel is all about? Opt for whiter than white sheets with the highest thread count your bank account will allow.

Adorn the bed with a decadent throw rug made of chenille, fur or knitted material to add some texture and standout against that crisp, fresh linen.

For an extra touch of luxury, be sure to overstuff your pillows and add extra throw cushions on the bed.

Luxury tip: make your bed every morning to truly feel like you’re living in a hotel.

Deluxe drapery

interior design ideas for bedrooms

Curtains that drop straight down and sweep the floor are the ultimate key piece in topping off a hotel room. Often, you’ll find hotel rooms use dark grey/taupe, chocolate brown or silver blockout curtains— sometimes mixed with a sheer curtain— to complete the look of a luxury room, whilst blocking the outside world. This aids in better sleep as it protects the luxury seeker from ambient light and noise.

Handsome bedrooms

interior design ideas for your home

The whole focal point of a luxurious hotel room is the bedroom. The oversized comfortable bed, soft lighting and floor to ceiling windows are the epitome of living large.

Top tips for creating a hotel luxe bedroom:

  • clear away all clutter
  • stick to a neutral colour palette
  • get rid of all the junk drawers

Your very own room service

interior design ideas in your bedroom
Image credit: London Curtain Fitter

Have a play with bringing a television into your bedroom. For special occasions only, of course! Go the full measure by getting in your fluffy dressing gown and using a wooden serving tray to for an indulgent meal in bed. It’s even better if you can sweet talk someone into making the food for you.

Symmetrical lighting

lighting interior design ideas

Lighting is a central feature for any luxury hotel room. You’d be hard pressed to find a fancy hotel room without matching lamps, either side of the bed. The symmetry adds a look of quality and tidiness.

red interior design ideas
Image credit: Luxxu

Opt for a regal look, with ornate and unique lampshades that adorn each side of the bed. Not only should you make sure they are matching but add a third or fourth floor lamp dotted around the room to really replicate that sought after hotel atmosphere.

interior design ideas for your bedroom

The art of replication

Choosing the right artwork for your home can add the level of luxury that you crave. Hotels are often well known for their displays of artwork and it’s rare that you will enter a fancy hotel room that doesn’t contain the right artwork to complement the decor.

interior design ideas with art

You might like to consider art prints that are on the neutral side when replicating hotel interior design. Alternatively, artwork that showcases the beauty in nature or local cityscapes is a surefire winner for any hotel room recreation.

hotel inspired interior design ideas

The critical and final touch to your hotel inspired room is an elegant art print to bring the look together. Choosing fine art photography crafts a classic and timeless style. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your own luxury haven!

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