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Types of Art

One thing is always true: There are more types of art and examples of creativity in this world than any person could ever know about, much less master. That doesn’t mean the effort is wasted. Life should be a never-ending quest for knowledge, and this introduction is just the beginning.

Landscape Painting - Reinvigorate
Types of Art

12 Landscape Painting Ideas To Lift Your Spirits

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein Einstein may perhaps be one of the most famous theoretical physicists that ever lived, but this quote speaks to the soul rather than to science. That’s the power…

Digital Art - Sci Fi - Orbs
Types of Art

Youth Has No Age: Embrace Digital Art

“Youth has no age.” – Pablo Picasso Remember when you were young and you would see all the funky digital art in art galleries, upmarket hotel lobbies, fancy workplaces and online? And you would fantasise about having your own…

Art Nouveau - Masculine
Types of Art

Sorry Vintage, But Art Nouveau Is Back

Sorry Vintage, you aren’t the be all and end all anymore. You might be high quality, but it’s no longer good enough simply to be old (or look old). We’ve all been there and done that now. We’ve found a new old…

Abstract Landscapes - Mood
Types of Art

Hot Trend: Why Abstract Landscapes Are The New Black

If abstract art involves a degree of autonomy from visual references in the world around us and landscapes are a coherent composition of real natural scenery in the world around us, how can abstract landscapes exist? Well, they do! Therefore, this hot art trend…

Famous Art - Afremov
Types of Art

Get The Look: Be Inspired By Famous Art

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso Roaming local exhibitions and overseas galleries that are adorned with famous art is always a wonderful way to while away the hours. Art can be fun.…

Poppy Art - Watercolour
Types of Art

Why Poppy Art Lives On: The Essential Guide

Lately I’ve been pondering why poppy art is so popular. Undoubtedly the poppy is a beautiful flower. I get that. But many other flowers are just as beautiful. So why has the poppy held its appeal for so many hundreds, if…

Surreal Art - At One With Nature
Types of Art

7 Reasons Why Surreal Art Is Better Than Drugs

There’s something seductive about surreal art. Surrealism, a revolutionary movement of the 1920s that is still alive and well today, is a place where the real world and the dream world meet. Surrealists wanted to ‘liberate the imagination’ and…

Romantic art for a quiet kind of love
Types of Art

Celebrate Love With Romantic Art

Many people have the wrong attitude and approach to art, whether it’s art to be hung on your walls for your own personal enjoyment or art hung in a gallery for the enrichment of society as a whole: they…

Weird art is a powerful design tool
Types of Art

Why Choose Weird Art for your Decor?

Interior Design is an art form. That isn’t a controversial statement – it’s a way of using colour and shape and texture to express a point of view, therefore it is art. As with all art, it can be…