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Types of Art

One thing is always true: There are more types of art and examples of creativity in this world than any person could ever know about, much less master. That doesn’t mean the effort is wasted. Life should be a never-ending quest for knowledge, and this introduction is just the beginning.

Pastel Art - Hope
Types of Art

Get Fresh: Spring Into Pastel Art Perfection

How delightful is that gorgeous Spring sun? The birds, the bees, the whales and the flowers are all bouncing into a new season and a new life as they dust off Winter and welcome the beauty and bounty of Spring. We’re…

Tanjore Paintings - Vishnu
Types of Art

Count Your Blessings With Tanjore Paintings

Rich in colour and dense in composition, Tanjore paintings are a popular South Indian painting dating back to the 16th century. Tanjore is the English word for ‘Thanjavur’ which is actually the name of a town in South India. The paintings…

Italian Art - Vespa
Types of Art

Bellissimo! Design In Style With Italian Art

Veni. Vidi. Amavi. We came. We saw. We loved. From classic to contemporary, Italy has it all when it comes to art and culture. Whether this heart-thumping, soul-stirring country is on your bucket list as a travel destination or…

Mothers Day Art - Blossom
Types of Art

Mothers Day Art To Melt Her Heart

Isn’t it time you melted your mum’s heart with Mothers Day art that will bring her much-loved home to life Mothers rarely treat themselves. Always giving, giving and giving. That’s why celebrating mums once a year, since Mothers Day…

Kinetic Art - Hypnotic
Types of Art

Energy In Motion: The Allure Of Kinetic Art

Kinetic art has come a long way since the movement enjoyed international acclaim between 1920 and 1970. The artform, also called kineticism, involves art that features both real and apparent motion. This style covers sculpture and works on canvas. According to The Art…

Water Art Ideas - Jetty
Types of Art

Go With The Flow: 16 Water Art Ideas

Water art is not just a hugely popular addition to the home but it offers deep symbolic value as well. Water is a great cleanser. It helps us heal and purify both literally and figuratively. Water is also an element that…

Cool Graffiti - Afro
Types of Art

Bring It: Cool Graffiti To Enjoy At Home

These cool graffiti art prints are your answer if you’re eager to add some edge to your home but you’re also not quite sure how to work it. If you love the idea of graffiti but feel a little out of…