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Paula Cameron

Colour Match - Matcha
Room Decor

Design 101: Super Delicious Colour Match Guide

Just when you thought an interior design colour match tutorial couldn’t get any better, we’ve kicked it up a notch with a mind-blowing palette (or is that platter?) of delicious colour combinations. And by delicious we mean that in…

Watercolour Painting Ideas - Tropical
Art Ideas

Make A Splash: 14 Watercolour Painting Ideas

The important and fascinating thing to know when seeking inspirational watercolour painting ideas for your next interior design project is that watercolours aren’t just a trend. In fact, when it comes to trends, watercolours are one of the oldest…

Colour Psychology - Language Of Colours
Room Decor

Colour Psychology: Learn The Language

When talking about colour in interior design, we often talk about how a colour makes us feel, but rarely do we understand the reasons behind the decisions we make. The wonderful thing about colour psychology is that, once you…

Photographer Christian Seidenberg
Famous Artists

Berlin Photographer Captures Quintessential Australia

When Berlin Photographer Christian Seidenberg lived in Australia, he could not resist showing his audience the beauty of the country through his clear, colourful, natural lens  – from ocean to city to outback. Like any young globetrotter Seidenberg, 33, appreciated…

Mothers Day Art - Blossom
Types of Art

Mothers Day Art To Melt Her Heart

Isn’t it time you melted your mum’s heart with Mothers Day art that will bring her much-loved home to life Mothers rarely treat themselves. Always giving, giving and giving. That’s why celebrating mums once a year, since Mothers Day…

Photography Themes - Sunset
Art Photography

Life In Focus: 15 Popular Photography Themes

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, William Morris. There are so many photography themes that you can embrace and uplevel your style. The wonder of photography in…

Best Interior Design Tips - Title
Room Decor

Best Interior Design Tips for New Home Owners

It’s not always straightforward planning a home interior, but our ideas for new homeowners are here to help. These best interior design tips will get you well on your way to putting together beautiful rooms. Think carefully about paint Top…

What Is Feng Shui - Window
Room Decor

What Is Feng Shui Anyway? A Beginner Guide.

“My view on feng shui: don’t put your bed in front of the door because you won’t get in.” ― Jonas Eriksson We often joke about Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”), but before writing it off as something a…

Kinetic Art - Hypnotic
Types of Art

Energy In Motion: The Allure Of Kinetic Art

Kinetic art has come a long way since the movement enjoyed international acclaim between 1920 and 1970. The artform, also called kineticism, involves art that features both real and apparent motion. This style covers sculpture and works on canvas. According to The Art…

Decorating Ideas - Autumn
Room Decor

Snuggle Up: 11 Autumn Decorating Ideas

What does autumn mean to you? For many, it’s the season for balancing darkness with light, for letting go and for acknowledging impermanence. But what about when it comes to decorating ideas to match the autumnal mood? Imagine translating…

Art Inspiration - Living Room
Art Ideas

Blank Canvas? Art Inspiration For Every Room

There are three ways of visualising your home as a blank canvas, with a view to completely opening your mind to new, exciting and high impact art inspiration. 1) It’s your new home. There’s nothing on the walls at all…